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“Exciting, stimulating, challenging times. The key mix for generating growth is inventive minds, immersed in the leading state of technology, and experienced, but not blinkered management.”

Graeme Chipp

Managing Director/CEO, Growth Solutions Group

This week here at Silicon Valley Innovation Center has been very fruitful to us, to understand some of the technologies that are entering the market, that are being adopted here and that can also be applied in the supply chain, in the production area, and in every aspect that is currently separated in our segment and needs to be integrated and automated.
General Sales Engineer, Petrobras Distribution, Brazil
One of the benefits we’ve seen through working with SVIC is that they give us an immense amount of exposure to what is going not only locally but also globally. We’re able to keep our ears on the ground and understand what folks are looking for, not only here but in Asia, Europe and Latin America.
Charlie Chu
Head of Customer Success, Vizru
Several years ago we identified this trend of machine learning as an emerging technology that was going to change the way we effectively do software. This is now poised to grow and get into mainstream adoption. Machine learning is nothing less than one of the best optimizers that we can apply into our businesses processes
Ed Fernandez
Board Director,Early Stage VC, YPO, Advisor & Entrepreneur
Companies here are so open to sharing information. Companies would sit down with us and say literally, ‘How can we help you? How can we help you achieve your goals?
Randy Richmond
VP of Lending, Catholic Credit Union
I was speaking about innovation and entrepreneurship and I drew on my experience both as an investment banker as well as at my advisory firm Sweat Equity. I’ve seen a lot of successful innovation and a lot of successful founders along the way and so I drew on those experiences in order to communicate what would work best for the people that were at SVIC today.
Said Mia
Founder, Sweat Equity
The level of engagement we can get with the clients here at Silicon Valley Innovation Center – we can go beyond the standard education and really beyond everything that you can learn online and everything that has been commoditized by having all that knowledge that is available out there.
Ed Fernandez
Board Director,Early Stage VC, YPO, Advisor & Entrepreneur
No matter your size of organization, whether you’re a large company or a small company, working with the SVIC really allows you to discover technologies well ahead of the curve. Whether working with an early-stage company like mine or working with one of the largest tech companies in the world, it really allows you to remain at the forefront of your game.
Kunal Contractor
Global Director, Avaamo
I’ve seen a lot of successful innovation and a lot of successful founders.I draw on those experiences to communicate what would work best for you
Said Mia​
Founder, Sweat Equity
It’s so easy to build products because of the availability of tools and technologies and resources. The challenge is typically figuring out what product to build for the right market
Javid Jamae
Founder & CEO at Octetra
I think the biggest challenge in this world is management. Managers have a lot to deal with and I think that the availability of technology is really irrelevant if we don’t have those skills, that we need to be leaders in these changing times.
Gregory La Blanc
Faculty Director and Instructor of UC Berkeley
It was a great pleasure for me to see all the companies and technologies, to learn what these companies are doing and to know how the future will lool like. The program was very useful, the engagement with companies we visited was great. Thank you.
Ghaleb Saad Alyamani
Managing Director for Wholesalers Sales Operations, Abdul Latif Jameel , Saudi Arabia
It’s my first time to San Francisco and the Valley. Even though I heard a lot about it, read a lot about it, google it if you like, it doesn’t compare to coming here and actually meeting people, hearing the stories, and really get observed into that stories. We came with a few things we wanted to achieve: how can we build an innovation culture, how we can positively contribute to our ecosystem: what are the things we need to start or finish: how do we use water for example, and how do we look into environmental monitoring on app, and how we can use drones and the whole range of other technologies.
Megan Harris
Innovation and Partnerships at Bank of Queensland, Australia
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