Innovation Strategy

Consult with Top Silicon Valley Innovator's on Strategy Formulation and Execution, No Travel Required

Why Innovation Strategy?

Growing businesses face a range of challenges. As a business grows, different problems and opportunities demand new solutions and new strategies. Formulating and executing on these strategies is no easy task, especially in the turbulent times of today. That’s why consulting from practicing innovators at  Silicon Valley’s most successful companies can give you an edge. We help you connect with these thought leaders in a fully online, remote-working environment. No travel required; let the best of Silicon Valley come to you.

Why Silicon Valley Innovation Center

At Silicon Valley Innovation Center, our innovation experts provide industry-specific strategic advice in such areas as market assessment, product roadmap, scenario planning, alliance and partnership management. Our experts are not consultants, they are successful practitioners from leading tech companies, and unlike traditional consultants, they won’t leave you after the project is complete, they will collaborate with you in the long term. They are Silicon Valley’s most experienced strategic advisors, who will bring a new and fresh perspective on how to make smart, strategic decisions in the context of the current technological revolution.

How It Works

At Silicon Valley Innovation Center we have a 7-week process on developing an innovation strategy fit for your organizational needs and objectives. The 4-stages of our process include a 1-day Kick-off meeting, a 3-day Custom program, a 6-week market research, and a 1-day Wrap up Workshop.

Learn more about how it works below:

Stage 1

Kick-Off Workshop:

Let’s get to know each other! This kick-off workshop is a 1-day workshop to brainstorm and set the tone of the engagement. We will start off with an introduction to the future of business and entrepreneurship. After, we will run some exercises to help us understand the mission, vision and values of your organization. What are your business focus areas? What is your company roadmap? What would you like to achieve in the long~short term? We will assess the company by doing a SWOT and PEST analysis. After this workshop we will have a better understanding of what are the critical issues we should respond to, the goals and objectives we want to achieve, the capacity of your organization to achieve them, and more.

Stage 2

Market Research:

It is extremely difficult to develop a new high-quality product or service without conducting at least some basic market research. As business conditions change continually, so your market research should be continuous as well. Well-designed and thorough market research can give you the information you need to both implement and execute the most appropriate innovation strategy. Therefore, after the kick-off workshop we will run a 6 week Market Research to understand different customer and industry data that could be used in your organizations.

The five basic methods we use to run our market research include surveys, focus groups, personal interviews, observation, and field trials. After this market research you will have a better understanding of who are your customers, what exact product are they buying now, why do they buy this product, what will make them buy more from you and more. At the end you will leave with a 6-page white paper format of the selected topics of research where you can clearly see market trends, key sub-segments, key industry players and top 50-100 startups working in a similar solution.

Stage 3

Strategy Development Program: ​

After the workshop we will organize a 3-day custom program to meet with the change makers of Silicon Valley. Our innovation strategy development program is an industry and company specific training, which allows executives to experience first-hand the impact of emerging technologies, practices and methodologies applicable to their industry and business growth. We will bring together leaders from the best startups and successful technology companies for hands-on, in-person learning where you will develop an understanding of the business and corporate transformation required to succeed in this quickly changing world. This program will equip your leadership group with knowledge, insights, and excitement to conduct their own transformation initiatives.

Stage 4

Wrap-Up Workshop: ​

After 7-weeks of executive meetings, tours, research, workshops, and more, we will end with impact and excitement on a 1-day Wrap-Up Workshop. This session will summarize the training by restating the main points, review the initial objectives and highlight how they have been met, answer more questions, and end with a 6-month action plan.

Recent Engagements

What People Say

We wanted to come to Silicon Valley and learn how companies innovate. We didn’t know how to do it, so we approached Silicon Valley Innovation Center that managed to connect us to numerous Silicon Valley organizations that opened our eyes to what is possible.
Mathew Regan
General Manager – Corporate Services, CBH Group, Australia
I want to thank SVIC for an amazing program we are doing this week. It’s a second time we are doing the program: high potential people from different companies, we really enjoy it, fantastic experience! We learned a lot about how we can transform the customer experience. Everyone in the team is excited: every minute is super valuable in terms how much we learn and how much we interact, and it’s very valuable for us to understand how to run and support innovation.
Gonzalo Lissarrague
Gonzalo Lissarrague, President GGO Thomson Reuters, Argentina
We visited Silicon Valley Innovation Center as an exercise for opening our minds to learn how we might innovate and disrupt our business. And I would have to say, mission accomplished. The mindset of Silicon Valley is unlike anything I’ve experienced in my 40-year career. Every place we visited had this intellectual and business-oriented approach to problem solving and innovation.
Richard Connor
Executive Vice President, International Vitamin Corporation, USA