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We are looking for speakers who educate and inspire, motivate and challenge . Our experts come from the leading companies with innovative strategies and ground-breaking ideas including Google, Microsoft, Uber, Airbnb, IBM, Nvidia, Tesla, Facebook, Intel and many others.

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Speaker decisions are based on the strength of your content, so please provide as much detailed information as possible. Innovation must be at the heart of every session. 

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All proposals are evaluated by our team. We will consider your proposals against 5 key parameters: Experience based learning; Relevance over seniority; Quality over quantity; Insightfulness; Practicality.

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Once offers are accepted, speakers and session content confirmed, we will announce the speakers on the website/relevant webpage; include into marketing campaigns and video interviews

Please note: If your goal is to promote a product or deliver a sales pitch, this is not the right platform.

Our Featured Speakers

Our speakers are world leaders, best-selling authors, leadership gurus and top business experts

Worldwide Sales Director, Microsoft

Vice President, Worldwide AI, Nvidia

Vice President,  Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Startup Business Development, Amazon

Senior Director, Customer Evangelism, Salesforce

Managing Director,Citigroup

Head of HR Data Science, Intel
Global Head of Strategy, Google

Executive Vice President, Oracle

Emerging Technologies, Data & AI, IBM

Director, Global Growth Marketing, Facebook

Co-Founder, Eventbrite

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Trusted advisory and innovation leadership to the world’s corporations

The digital age is driving retailers and brands to not only rethink how they do marketing, but to rethink their entire business model. This is visible in market after market where the smartphone…
Aprajita Jain
Google, Brand And Digital Marketing Evangelist
The first wave of big-name, “unicorn” tech companies have come of age and many are now going public. For venture capitalists, the question is: where will the next billion-dollar businesses come..
Pierre Rogers
PuroTrader, Venture Investor And Founder
Low tolerance for risk, inflexible organizational structures and lengthy chains of command all contribute to difficulties corporations face when it comes to successful innovation.
Pavel Cherkashin
Managing Partner, Mindrock Capital

What Our Speakers Say

“SVIC is a fascinating new hub for entrepreneurs, innovators, and all those keen to follow new developments and trends. My talks and seminars there based on my innovation books with IDEO have impressed me with the enthusiasm and talent of the attendees, and the quality of the participating companies. Ideally located in San Mateo in an appealing space, SVIC is an excellent forum to exchange ideas. It’s a great way to expand your network.”
Jonathan Littman
Founder,, USA
We are always happy to engage with SVIC’s programs, because they bring together such a diverse group of professionals from around the world. We have been able to create new business relationships, get valuable feedback on our products from senior executives.
Tomas Likar
VP of Strategy and Business Development , Hyperwallet Systems Inc., USA
“The team at the Silicon Valley Innovation Center (SVIC) is very well connected locally in the Silicon Valley and also brings their multi-national team together to bridge Silicon Valley to reputable leaders around the world."
Andrew Romans
Co-founder, Rubicon Venture Capital, USA

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