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We help global corporations through educational programs accelerate innovation by connecting them with Silicon Valley technology companies and startups through our unique innovation tours, executive immersion programs, corporate strategy sessions, startup showcases and executive conferences. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, board directors of multi-billion dollar corporations, corporate executives, business owners, and government leaders in Silicon Valley and beyond.

We help global corporations accelerate innovation by connecting them with Silicon Valley technology companies and startups through our unique innovation tours and immersion programs.

Want To Connect with Silicon Valley?

For Individual Participants:

For Silicon Valley Visitors

Tour Google, Apple, Facebook and innovative Silicon Valley startups. Test-drive the newest Tesla models, all in one day. Meet with Silicon Valley experts and listen to amazing insider stories about the culture and new products of Silicon Valley companies.

WHAT: One-day Innovation Tour
WHEN: Every Friday (list of companies can vary by dates)

For Corporate Executives

Immerse into Silicon Valley innovation culture. Visit Airbnb, Stanford, Flex, HP, SAP, Jabil tour Googleplex, 500 Startups and RocketSpace  startup incubators to learn how to accelerate innovation.

WHAT: 5-day Executive Immersion Program
WHEN: January 21-25, 2019 (more dates available)

For Private and Corporate Investors

Seize a unique opportunity and make a deep dive into the world of venture capital to gain first-hand insights from the top Silicon Valley investors.

WHAT: 5-day Executive Immersion Program
WHEN: January 21-25, 2019 (more dates available)

For Financial Services Executives

Learn about the latest FinTech trends directly from Silicon Valley insiders. Visit top Silicon Valley FinTech companies and banks, and meet with top FinTech innovators.

WHAT: 5-day Executive Immersion Program
WHEN: January 21 – 25, 2019 (more dates available)

For Business Groups:

Silicon Valley
Executive Immersion

FLEX-600x450 For C-Level Executive Teams

For C-Level Executive Teams

Get unique insights from innovators and digital disruptors of Silicon Valley. Meet face-to-face with technology leaders. Explore the hottest technology trends by visiting the most innovative companies: Bootup, Institute For The Future, Autodesk, Gap Labs, The Vault. Learn More

WHAT: Custom Immersion Program
WHEN: Available on request

Incentive Travel
to Silicon Valley

Linkedin For Managers and Employees

For Managers and Employees

Reward your top performers and best customers with a trip to Silicon Valley to inspire them to become thought leaders and agents of change within the company. Tour Google Headquarters, visit LinkedIn, Twitter office, innovation labs, and centers. Learn More

WHAT: Custom Immersion Program
WHEN: Available on request

Board Study Tours
in Silicon Valley

Airbnb For Boards of Directors

For Boards of Directors

Bring your board to Silicon Valley to build a strategic vision of the future of your industry and your company’s digital transformation strategy. Meet with leaders of the innovative Silicon Valley companies, visit Google, AirBnB, Apple, Facebook to get unique insights and inspiration. Learn More

WHAT: Custom Immersion Program
WHEN: Available on request

What Participants Are Saying

“Great learnings, great insights, and great fun. We had a great time and really had our minds opened to the full range of opportunities to improve our business.”

Andrew Crane, CEO
CBH Group, Australia

“The week in Silicon Valley exceeded our expectations. We were able to feel, touch and have a real look at what the future and our industry will look like in the next 18 months.”

Denis Gorteman, CEO
D’Ieteren Auto, Belgium

“Everybody should really come on down and live the experience directly from Silicon Valley Innovation Center. The content was absolutely fantastic and over our expectations.”

Hiram Alarid, CEO
Factum Consulting Group, Mexico

Our Programs Cover The Latest Technology Trends:

Artificial Intelligence & Big Data

Discover how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can reinvent the way we communicate, transact and get work done. See how human expertise and data is getting turned into digital knowledge to help make better and faster decisions with self-learning algorithms and predictive analytics.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Learn how virtual reality and augmented reality is quietly eroding the value of existing businesses from real estate to education, media and entertainment by creating the virtual alternatives to existing physical assets and business models.

FinTech (Financial Technologies)

Come and meet with top FInTech startups to see how they are unbundling the financial industry through digital banking, new regulation technologies, instant lending, ubiquitous payments, blockchain and other disruptive technologies.


Meet with burgeoning robotics startups in Silicon Valley to experience first-hand how AI-enabled robots are revolutionizing existing professions by creating new jobs, empowering humans and propelling their productively.

Internet of Things

Learn how the exponential growth of smart sensors and connected devices is turning the physical world into a self-learning information network, creating a foundation for new business models and innovative products and services.

Shared Economy

Meet with Uber, Lyft, AirBnB and other Silicon Valley leaders in shared economy to learn about new disruptive business models and how to take advantage of the new realities of the gig economy.

Mobile Technologies

Explore how to expand your mobile presence from smartphones toward wearables, smart cars, IoT-enabled devices and connected homes. Create omnichannel customer experiences across emerging ecosystem of mobile and integrated devices.

Cloud Computing

Learn how new generation of cloud-based apps and services can assist your business in outsourcing your company’s non-essential functions, reduce costs, and improve security.


Discover how biotech companies will soon be able to turn a human body into a set of digital information that can be reproduced with the help of genomics, 3D printing, and stem cell technologies.

Our Recent Programs

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