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Eduardo Jurado

General Director, Semgroup, Ecuado
The experience of being here in SV, of visiting companies from different industries, with a mentality of abundance, a mindset with a collaborative culture, really helps you to open up the worldwide view that you can have of how to approach certain things, in your collaboration with your customers, your collaborators, your partners. We have had a fantastic day, from the topics of how algorithms work, AI, state of the art, the importance of generating innovation within industries, which is the complexity that large companies have in innovating. We also had a great ending, with a very nice company that has created a model that fascinated us that is 1: 1: 1, Salesforce, of how its employees spend 1% of volunteering for social issues, 1% of the income of the company for scholarships, and the other 1% for social projects. So we’ve seen a mix of culture methodologies that if you do not visit Silicon Valley, you could not understand it.
Executive Director at Bradesco Seguros, Brazil
Innovation and Partnerships at Bank of Queensland, Australia
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