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Apply new methodologies of Silicon Valley to design products with 10X impact on your markets

What is Product Design Consulting?

For corporations to survive and grow today it is imperative that they pursue new ideas whilst simultaneously running their core business. Innovation is the key to this strategy; the enterprises able to constantly generate, test and evaluate potential new products efficiently give themselves the best chance of staying ahead of agile startups, entering new markets and harnessing the power of disruptive technologies.

Yet when companies are geared toward what they do best, experimenting with what is new does not come easily. That’s why reaching out to product managers and developers through design consulting can be of huge value. Through consulting, corporations quickly gain expert advice on what products they should be developing and how they should develop them. By learning to apply the latest methodologies like Design Thinking and Design Sprints under the guidance of expert practitioners, enterprises ready themselves to join the ranks of the world’s most innovative companies.

Why Is Our Product Design Consulting Unique?

Leverage our network of select Silicon Valley thought leaders

Our product design consulting services leverage our extensive Silicon Valley network. Whereas others are limited to their in-house expertise we can reach much more widely, connecting your organization to product managers and developers from the Valley’s top companies. This concept of open innovation is what drives us forward; we constantly seek to connect our clients to the most progressive thought leaders, technology and industry experts from within the innovation ecosystem.

When you bring us your ideas, we apply new methodologies to refine those visions and turn them into products ready to go to market:

Design Thinking

A framework encouraging risk-taking and creativity, we apply Design Thinking to help you generate innovative solutions. An iterative process that combines what is desirable with what is feasible and viable, Design Thinking priorities empathy and experimentation.

Design Sprints

A five-day process to design and test a new product, Design Sprints compress the usual debate cycle from months into weeks. The process allows firms to quickly generate data on innovative ideas and then evaluate them for their potential for deeper development.

Our product consulting services are especially aimed at corporations that seek digital innovation. Embedded in Silicon Valley for a decade, we are uniquely placed to offer guidance on the creation of new products and services that seek to leverage artificial intelligence, internet of things, robotics, big data and other emerging technologies.

Our Deliverables

Generate ideas, build prototypes and create value

We provide a range of outcomes to match the aims and ambitions of our enterprise including:

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