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“Exciting, stimulating, challenging times. The key mix for generating growth is inventive minds, immersed in the leading state of technology, and experienced, but not blinkered management.”

Graeme Chipp

Managing Director/CEO, Growth Solutions Group

“We’re excavating what’s new in Silicon Valley. This is where everything is happening: digital transformation, AI, startups – everything is happening here. But we didn’t know all the solutions, some of them were really enlightening. Actually, the startups are about dreams. And we never thought that you could pursue a dream and then you see it happen, and then it becomes a multi-billion dollar game or company. It’s really inspiring.”
Sherif Mansour
Head of Recruitment, National Bank of Egypt
“As a company we value a lot what we do today and we know pretty well what we’ll do tomorrow. But getting insights and ideas, having an open mind on what comes after tomorrow, that’s the biggest value we found through engaging with Silicon Valley.”
Terry Verkuijlen
Executive Vice President, Vanderlande
“Right now we’re going digital. Blockchain, cloud, AI, these will be key success factors for our company. It was very helpful to get to know venture capitalists who are investing in these technologies, entrepreneurs who are building these technologies, and big companies already applying these technologies. I’m very happy with Silicon Valley Innovation Center, I’ll definitely keep in touch.”
Juan Clariond
Executive Chairman, Dimex Capital
I am very thankful to SVIC for organizing this one-week event. It was very helpful to get to know VCs who are investing in new digital technologies, entrepreneurs who are is building these technologies and large companies that are already applying it.
Juan Clariond
Executive Chairman at Dimex Capital & Alis Foods, Mexico
I’ve learned so much in the last week. We’ve seen Google, Tesla and so many other companies. Each one had great insights. There’s a lot I can take from them and bring back to incorporate into my own business.
Greville Pabst
Executive Chairman, WBP Property Group, Australia
After a week here it’s been fantastic meeting speakers. They tickle those parts of your brain where its things you’ve always thought about but never had time to stop and think about properly. But these guys have been fantastic, they’ve definitely given us a different approach.
Salvatore Navarra
CEO, Chairman & Director, PFE S.p.A, Italy
Coming in person to Silicon Valley provided insights which would have been impossible to get anywhere else. It gives you a better, more tangible feel. We can take a lot of these key learnings, these real details and real life situations and try to synthesize that into something that would work for us.
Thai Van Linh
Head of Smart City Initiative
This week here at Silicon Valley Innovation Center has been very fruitful to us, to understand some of the technologies that are entering the market, that are being adopted here and that can also be applied in the supply chain, in the production area, and in every aspect that is currently separated in our segment and needs to be integrated and automated.
Daniel Filippo
General Sales Engineer, Petrobras Distribution, Brazil
One of the benefits we’ve seen through working with SVIC is that they give us an immense amount of exposure to what is going not only locally but also globally. We’re able to keep our ears on the ground and understand what folks are looking for, not only here but in Asia, Europe and Latin America.
Charlie Chu
Head of Customer Success, Vizru
Several years ago we identified this trend of machine learning as an emerging technology that was going to change the way we effectively do software. This is now poised to grow and get into mainstream adoption. Machine learning is nothing less than one of the best optimizers that we can apply into our businesses processes
Ed Fernandez
Board Director,Early Stage VC, YPO, Advisor & Entrepreneur
Companies here are so open to sharing information. Companies would sit down with us and say literally, ‘How can we help you? How can we help you achieve your goals?
Randy Richmond
VP of Lending, Catholic Credit Union
I was speaking about innovation and entrepreneurship and I drew on my experience both as an investment banker as well as at my advisory firm Sweat Equity. I’ve seen a lot of successful innovation and a lot of successful founders along the way and so I drew on those experiences in order to communicate what would work best for the people that were at SVIC today.
Said Mia
Founder, Sweat Equity
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