Innovation Outpost
As a Service

Your “Eyes and Ears” in Silicon Valley

Establish your presence in Silicon Valley and quickly plug into its ecosystem by partnering with Silicon Valley Innovation Center as your outpost. You will receive consistent monitoring of Silicon Valley’s new innovative technologies, emerging trends and opportunities, based on a deep understanding of your goals and needs.

Why Open an Innovation Outpost?

Sense, Scan and Scout

Get Actionable

Monitor Silicon Valley for new innovative technologies and companies as emerging threats or potential tools for disruption

Access Unique

Take full advantage of the rich innovation ecosystem of Silicon Valley (think tanks, universities, startups, technology corporations, industry leaders, venture capital, seed investors, etc.)

Connect With
Key Players

Develop a network of direct business relationships with the most important players

New Products

Turn the insights into new products and disruptive business models before competition

Identify Investment

Find and invest in new startups that are working with emerging technologies

Build Strategic

Connect and collaborate with key stakeholders in Silicon Valley to develop a disruptive new solution using their innovations to achieve your goals and objectives

Why Silicon Valley Innovation Center

Rather than go-all-in and invest in setting up a physical Innovation Outpost (which can be costly, time-consuming and difficult), partner with SVIC to take advantage of our presence, expertise and connections in Silicon Valley. We can help pinpoint trends and capabilities that could lead to the disruption of industries in which our clients serve.

We help organizations think through the right model for building innovation as a sustainable capability within the organization (IO or otherwise) and execute it end-to-end by leveraging the principles of autonomy, creative tension, strategic alignment, and modular design.

What You Get

Match speed of innovation with scale of execution with Silicon Valley resources

Moonshot’s service

Incubate first-of-kind “blended” Horizon-3 services into our go-to-market

Leverage the investments in “horizon 2” capabilities

Identify opportunities for resource acquisition (products, services, people)

Leverage innovation outpost to optimize and transform Moonshot’s internal Ways of Working/Operations

Differentiate recruiting and attract top-tier talent

How It Works?

Networking & Partnering

Research & Development

Productising The Solution

Roadmap to Outpost Success

STEP 1: Innovation Outpost Strategy Kick-Off

A one-day immersion program that will introduce the leadership and strategy team to the technologists and innovation practitioners at Silicon Valley’s top companies. The program will culminate in a half-day workshop, where SVIC and our network’s experts perform a deep dive to understand, analyse, and advise on your current innovation strategy and outline the main objectives for the outpost.

STEP 2: Actionable Insights

Quarterly customized research reports around key topics of interest for your organization and cover the most critical aspects of you company’s strategy. These reports will level-up the knowledge of the leadership team and can be scaled out to the broader organization.

STEP 3: Connections

Get white-glove introductions and value-creating business meetings to the key leaders in the Silicon Valley community to quickly expand your local network and connect your organization with new opportunities.

STEP 4: Strategy Reviews and Recommendations

½ day to a full day quarterly workshops with a core group of experts to analyze the execution and validate and advise on strategy. Our team does not only help diagnosis specific issues and provide recommendations, but will procure aid in assisting with the implementation of recommended solutions and facilitate client learning.

What People Say

This is our first trip to Silicon Valley and when you start thinking about new technologies and directions -it begins here, and this is a completely different experience. When we want to move to innovation – this is what we are looking at Silicon Valley.I appreciate the support that was given by SVIC and the knowledge we gained during our short trip.
Krishnan Sinnathamby
Director at MEMScom Technology, Malaysia
That was an amazing and inspiring program: Getting exposed to Silicon Valley environment and mindset, seeing all the different technologies and innovative organizations (startups and big corporation) supporting those technologies, and interact with Silicon Valley insiders on-site.
Sebnem Dag Guven
Vice President of Strategy at Akbank, Turkey
It’s my first time to San Francisco and the Valley. Even though I heard a lot about it, read a lot about it, google it if you like, it doesn’t compare to coming here and actually meeting people, hearing the stories, and really get observed into that stories. We came with a few things we wanted to achieve: how can we build an innovation culture, how we can positively contribute to our ecosystem: what are the things we need to start or finish: how do we use water for example, and how do we look into environmental monitoring on app, and how we can use drones and the whole range of other technologies.
Megan Harris
Innovation and Partnerships at Bank of Queensland, Australia

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