Corporate Retreats
in Silicon Valley

Incredible team building experiences in the world capital of business innovation

Why Corporate Retreats?

Corporate retreats are becoming a staple for executive teams, offering a time for reflection and refocus. Not only do they allow you to celebrate past successes, but they also provide a valuable opportunity to step back from the daily grind and gain a clear perspective on the future of your organization. With ample time and space, retreats offer the ideal environment to identify and address the big-picture challenges facing your team. Embrace this chance to reconnect and stay ahead of the curve with a well-planned corporate retreat.

Why take a corporate retreat with us?

Our retreats offer more than just teambuilding, brainstorming and relaxation. An off-site experience with us in Silicon Valley also gives you unique access to our extensive network of thought leaders, innovation practitioners and disruptive companies. It can include talks from expert speakers, brainstorming sessions, innovation workshops and various team-building activities.

Leverage these resources to turn your corporate retreat in Silicon Valley into an opportunity for inspiration and transformation.

You’ll stay in one of our executive residences in the heart of Silicon Valley. Apart from state-of-the-art facilities, these high-end homes offer you and your team everything you need to recharge and reconnect.

What Makes a Silicon Valley Corporate Retreat?


Step back from the day-to-day to see the big-picture changes taking place in your industry.


Interactive sessions and workshops with leading innovation practitioners will give you a fresh perspective on tackling business challenges.


Take time out in our beautiful executive homes in Silicon Valley’s most sought-after locations.


Meet successful entrepreneurs, talented engineers and executive leaders of Silicon Valley.


Brainstorm your ideas about new products with leading experts and business executives.


Develop leadership skills required for building new companies and business models.

What Do We Offer?

When you take a corporate retreat with Silicon Valley Innovation Center we offer a range of deliverables to suit the needs of your executive team including:

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