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Find The Technologies That Will Define The Next Decade Of Your Industry

What is Technology Scouting?

Your company needs to proactively search for the technologies that will disrupt your industry over the course of the next decade.

These technologies will spark disruption and transform the economics of your business. By adopting them early, your company will take the lead in driving market efficiency and cutting costs, while protecting itself against unpredictability in the global economy.

You cannot see these technologies coming but they are being developed today in innovation centers, at universities, and in research labs. They have the power to fundamentally alter your business, the way the smartphone has forever changed how we travel, shop, communicate and much else besides.

How many firms wish now that they had foreseen the rise of the smartphone? 

Do not let your company fall into the same trap. The technologies that will spark new cycles of economic disruption already exist. The time is now to go out and find them, develop them, apply them and be the disruptive innovator your competitors will not see coming.

Our Agile Approach To Technology Scouting

What’s Unique About Our Approach to Technology Scouting?

Your corporation is global, it has resources and it has talent. But it does not have our network throughout Silicon Valley and the worldwide innovation ecosystem. 

We have been working in the Bay Area for more than a decade. We have deep, long-standing relationships with the venture capitalists, business and technology school professors, early-stage company founders and many others who practice the unique Silicon Valley business model that drives global innovation and technological progress.

The entrepreneurs and scientists who are today building the technologies that will disrupt industries a decade from now are not publicly known. They do not post Youtube videos, they do not advertise and they do not accept cold calls. But they do know the scientists and PhDs on our staff. They do talk to us and we can talk to you. We can help you break into the closed circles where the world’s most promising technologies are being developed. We know who to call, how to approach and what to say.

Our Technology Scouting Pipeline

Our Deliverables

Engage us for technology scouting and we will be your dedicated partner in the search for the breakthrough technologies that will disrupt your industry. Our deliverables include:

Reports, written by our PhDs with deep connections to the scientific and academic community. These whitepapers, customized to your company, report on what disruptive technologies relevant to your business are in development and by whom. Reports include essential details such as profiles of key teams and individuals and analysis of a technology’s commercialization potential.

Consulting sessions, with top VCs, tech company executives, and other innovation practitioners, to provide strategic guidance to your organization on emerging technology incubation and commercialization.

Meetings, in-person and via remote link up, with the entrepreneurs, scientists, researchers, and early-stage companies developing new technologies. These structured engagements are selected to maximise strategic gain for all parties through concrete outcomes such as partnerships and pilot programs.

Samples of Our Work

Download a sample of  one of our technology scouting reports:

Our Recent Research

Success Stories


Technology Scouting

Who was the client?: 
Nissan (Latin America)

Nissan needed to find the technologies defining the next decade of mobility, and connect to the teams building them. This outreach came as a complement to the work of its internal innovation unit. 

SVIC scouted globally for Nissan, compiling a database of technologies currently in development relevant to transportation, including in areas such as robotics, cloud computing, and internet of things. The research detailed the startups, research labs and venture capitalists developing these technologies, making it possible for Nissan to locate and reach out to teams it could then support through the Nissan Innovation Center and the Nissan Venture Fund.

Insurance Australia Group

Technology Scouting

Who was the client?:
Insurance Australia Group (Australia)

Insurance Australia Group’s challenge was to stay ahead of industry developments by finding the next generation of technologies reshaping how insurance is delivered and consumed.

SVIC undertook technology scouting, uncovering for Insurance Australia Group developments relevant to their business in a number of domains including machine learning, automation, and hyperspectral imagery. Insurance Australia Group went on to meet the teams behind the technologies and run a number of a pilot programs.

Thomson Reuters

Technology Scouting

Who was the client?:
Thomson Reuters (Global)

As part of its innovation agenda, Thomson Reuters wanted to connect to the entrepreneurial ecosystem to find the technologies that will drive growth in the media, legal, and business intelligence industries over the next five to ten years.

SVIC conducted a wide-ranging global technology search on behalf of Thomson Reuters, ultimately delivering a comprehensive database of technologies with the potential to impact the company’s interests in future. Technology verticals featured in the final report included artificial intelligence, machine learning, and digital ecosystems. 

Hear From Our Clients

“We’re excavating what’s new in Silicon Valley. This is where everything is happening: digital transformation, AI, startups – everything is happening here. But we didn’t know all the solutions, some of them were really enlightening. Actually, the startups are about dreams. And we never thought that you could pursue a dream and then you see it happen, and then it becomes a multi-billion dollar game or company. It’s really inspiring.”
Sherif Mansour
Head of Recruitment, National Bank of Egypt
“As a company we value a lot what we do today and we know pretty well what we’ll do tomorrow. But getting insights and ideas, having an open mind on what comes after tomorrow, that’s the biggest value we found through engaging with Silicon Valley.”
Terry Verkuijlen
Executive Vice President, Vanderlande
“Right now we’re going digital. Blockchain, cloud, AI, these will be key success factors for our company. It was very helpful to get to know venture capitalists who are investing in these technologies, entrepreneurs who are building these technologies, and big companies already applying these technologies. I’m very happy with Silicon Valley Innovation Center, I’ll definitely keep in touch.”
Juan Clariond
Executive Chairman, Dimex Capital

Our Clients

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