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Maximize Learning Outcomes with Adaptive Education Technology

In an era of online education, adaptive learning offers phenomenal outcomes. It delivers a personalized experience designed to dramatically boost the results for each learner. It allows your organization to create custom and personal learning that takes into account each individual, regardless of prior knowledge and skills. Through the use of feedback, logical rules and artificial intelligence, adaptive education helps educational organizations accelerate the learning curve of their students while never limiting scalability.

Why Use Adaptive Education?

Adaptive Education has numerous benefits for both the learner and the organization as it leads to better learning outcomes overall.

For the learner, Adaptive Education helps to create learning that is tailored and relevant to them. This can be in regards to the content of the learning itself but also through encouraging self paced learning. For topics that the learners, they are able to understand more quickly, while they can linger on areas they are more interested in or need more time to explore.
Overall, this personalization leads to increased engagement and even a greater sense of accomplishment, while minimizing any frustration at learning that is difficult to complete or repetitive.
Better outcomes for the learner also means better outcomes for the organization. Your organization will be able to create more effective learning as their learners will engage more with it as well as receiving time and cost benefits through this.

What Can We Do For You?

Our basic Adaptive Education (AE) platform has the following features:

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We help educational organizations develop personalized adaptive systems that dramatically improve the learning performance of their learners. We use AI and Machine Learning to customize a unique learning path that meets the specific needs of each learner in achieving extraordinary results.


Our platform takes into account each learner's strengths and weaknesses and how well they are performing. It learns from the learner. It uses the learner's responses to guide the presentation of the learning, and the difficulty of the learning experience being presented. It will tweak and adjust over time, depending on how well each learner is learning and retaining. We can help your organization radically improve the learning results of your students.


Our Adaptive Education (AE) platform allows learners to see full statistics about their learning progress and how they compare with other learners. It allows learners to organize into groups and learn collaboratively. In order to make learning more engaging, the AE platform allows learners to set up competitions among individuals or groups and view real-time progress of their competitors. The AE platform also allows administrators in the organization to view statistics about the progress made by individuals or groups, and use this statistics to design better curriculums or promote individuals.

Where Can We Help?

The Adaptive Education can help your organization create personalized, auto-updating study programs by applying machine learning to a range of live data source, including:


Learner performance while using the platform


Curriculum data


Test scores


Organization-specific and standardized test papers

This platform can be easily adapted to suit your specific needs.

What People Say

I just wanted to say that it was a really great experience top to bottom. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of it.
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CIt’s been a great week, and a fantastic program focused on Silicon Valley innovation and specifically innovation in AgriTech. Great learnings, great insights, and great fun. We had a great time and really had our minds opened to the full range of opportunities to improve our business.
Andrew Crane
CEO, CBH Group, Australia
This program is an excellent opportunity to get an idea of what is going on in Silicon Valley and experience it firsthand.  The program exceeded my expectations: fantastic content, set of companies, VCs, and startups.
Hiram Alarid
CEO / Director, Factum Consulting Group, Mexico

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