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Memo Hayek

CIO/General Manager Global Markets IT, Commonwealth Bank, Australia
I’m here is really to gain a lot of learning, to gain a lot of insights, make really good connections. I mean, this is the place to be in terms of technology and where you want to drive innovation forward and to see what’s up-and-coming from a technology perspective, so some of the key things that I was interested in. And the reason why I’m here is researching, really, to see what are the new trends in technology. We all talk about machine learning, we all talk about AI, and IoT, and so forth, but it’s really, How do we leverage those for our application and for our business? But where are they at in terms of development? And what partners are here and FinTechs and small startups that are doing interesting stuff in that space that can accelerate your strategy forward and your business forward with you, that you can partner with potentially?
Director of the Tania Zambon Escola de Negocios, Brazil
Deputy President and Vice Chairman Assistance, Abdul Latif Jameel Company, Saudi Arabia
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