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Why Build Innovation Teams?

How should corporations approach innovation? Models abound, with each one recommending a different course of action. Lean methodologies emphasize speed; the three horizons framework focuses on segmentation. Intrapreneurship, meanwhile, prioritizes internal R&D efforts. Different approaches will suit different organizations but what all these frameworks agree on is that corporations need dedicated innovation teams. It is only when groups within an enterprise are free from the demands of core business that new concepts can be truly tested. With an innovation team, a company empowers itself to create its own future, rather than being subject to the unpredictable forces of emerging technologies and industry disruption.

How do we help you build an innovation team?

Drive Digital Transformation With Expertise from Silicon Valley, Delivered Online or In the Bay Area

When you reach out to us for help in building an innovation team, we draw on our network of digital transformation practitioners at work in Silicon Valley today. We match you with experts in your industry to provide step-by-step guidance on how to put together an innovation team that’s right for your organization. 

Expertise is delivered through online workshops and webinars, or in person in Silicon Valley. Either way, you’ll learn up-to-the-minute best practices from Silicon Valley thought leaders on:

Unlike other consultancies, at Silicon Valley Innovation Center we are not limited by the scope of our in-house expertise. We leverage our years of experience in connecting corporations to Silicon Valley in order to source the knowledge you need to implement your digital transformation goals.

What People Say

I want to thank SVIC for an amazing program we are doing this week. It’s a second time we are doing the program: high potential people from different companies, we really enjoy it, fantastic experience! We learned a lot about how we can transform the customer experience. Everyone in the team is excited: every minute is super valuable in terms how much we learn and how much we interact, and it’s very valuable for us to understand how to run and support innovation.
Gonzalo Lissarrague
Gonzalo Lissarrague, President GGO Thomson Reuters, Argentina
We came to Silicon Valley to learn about how entrepreneurs are building new technologies, how corporations are transforming themselves through innovation and digital transformation and saw how the ecosystem works. We are happy with SVIC, they understood our strategy and built the agenda based on that. The program was very affected; my team was super happy.
Juan E Clariond
Executive Chairman at Dimex Capital, Mexico
We got a chance to join Silicon Valley for one week and meet with innovative companies and startups, and to have a view on the future. We are happy to make this experience: Excellent for team building and learnings.
Philippe Simonart
Brands and Networks Officer, D’Ieteren Auto, Belgium

What Are The Learning Outcomes?

Successful practices from Silicon Valley best companies

When you build an innovation team with us we provide a range of services to match the size and scope of your company’s  innovation agenda. Key deliverables include:

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