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What Are Company Visits?

Silicon Valley is home to many of the world’s leading enterprises. What is the sec­­ret of their prosperity? How have Amazon, Apple and Google risen to the top, and then maintained their dominance year after year? The answers to these questions are not available in books. Nor will you find them in classrooms or lecture halls. To understand why Silicon Valley companies are powerhouses of the world economy you need to meet them for yourself. If you want to emulate their success, you need to hear from the people who are the architects of that success and learn first-hand how they did it.

This direct personal contact is at the heart of the custom company meetings. These curated learning experiences, available online or in person, are built to empower your own organization to reach its goals. Custom company meetings inspire, educate and offer business development opportunities.


Why Are Our Company Visits Unique?

Leverage Our Network to Deliver On Your Strategic Agenda

What does your organization want to achieve? The answer to that question is our chief building block in designing your program of company meetings. We actively scout out the companies that will deliver new technology solutions, channel partnership opportunities and the best practice insights that align with your corporation’s strategic interests. We deliver these meetings in a format to suit you: online via remote link-up, in person in Silicon Valley or at your office.

 Embedded in Silicon Valley for more than a decade, we have built an unrivalled network of industry experts, business leaders, entrepreneurs and technologists. We put this network at your disposal, leveraging our extensive connections to curate company meetings that inspire and motivate executives to deliver on their own corporate agenda for success and innovation.

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What Our Clients Say

Partnership Opportunities Through Direct Engagement

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“I have been spending days in Silicon Valley visiting companies and listening to lectures. So what I learned during this week – first, all these technologies that I was learning in my country but I didn’t really know what is; now I have a much better idea of what AI is, what is Deep Learning and new digital transformation like blockchain.”

Sathaporn Paisanbupata

Managing Director at Burapa Prosper, Thailand

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“Hi I’m Veronique Hangard from France for SAP France, and I’m very happy with the tour that we did. It’s amazing and a lot of visits. Lots of companies to discover the way about innovation but also on all the dimensions of leadership, the people management, the technology, a complete tour. Thank you so much.”

Veronique Hangard

VP EMEA North Channel, SAP, France

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“We got a chance to join Silicon Valley for one week and meet with innovative companies and startups, and to have a view on the future. We are happy to make this experience: Excellent for team building and learnings.”

Philippe Simonart

Brands and Networks Officer, D’Ieteren Auto, Belgium

Our Deliverables

From Insight and Inspiration to Action

Our deliverables scale to match the ambitions of your organization. They are available as online sessions or in-person experiences:

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