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The layout and the talks were very engaging. Very nice experience overall The whole setup was very nice, making the whole seminar very interactive Super interesting and stimulating with the augmented reality Great presenters,  and the speakers, really well chosen. Well done again for this amazing event. I was quite impressed by the professional execution and the high quality of the event! It was a great substitute for the actual trip to SF and I was happy to participate. Everything was well organized, the different talks and speakers were really engaging with the audience. Positive experience given the circumstances and the effort put into the seminar could be seen throughout. Thank you! It was a great experience and we know you did your best. Big thank you! I enjoyed it a lot and I think you did the best out of the situation. Of course, everyone wanted to go to Silicon Valley but this set up made me forget that we were in Madrid and that our initial trip had to be cancelled. Thank you for taking the time and caring about the organization of this international seminar, in order to convey a very pleasant digital experience despite the COVID situation.
CEO and Founder, MoneyMailMe, Monaco
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