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We perform a customized global startup search, delivering  to you the early-stage companies with the most potential to impact your business. Engage startups, learn from them, supercharge your innovation efforts and come out ahead of disruption.

Fuel your
Growth Engine

Discover and engage with world-class technology companies. We uncover strategic partners and acquisition targets that will be your growth engine for the next 2-5 years.

Don’t Re-Invent the Wheel

Thousands of startups are already innovating in or around your industry. We enable you to make smarter vendor, partnership, and acquisition decisions by finding solutions that already exist.

your Industry

Understand the technologies and trends that will drive the growth of your industry and have a clear view of what bets your competition is making.

Use Our Unique Methodology To Source Startups and Emerging Technologies

Our PhD-level researchers combine primary and secondary sources of information to identify under-the-radar emerging technologies and companies. We leverage our unique networks of direct connections with venture capital, accelerators and experts in Silicon Valley and beyond to discover the hidden gems of emerging solutions and unique expertise.

How Does It Work?

Search is only the first step. From the tailor-made database we build for you, we can help you select the most qualified candidates for outreach, engage those candidates on your behalf, and then work with all parties to launch pilot programs.

We are fully digital-ready, meaning all of our work with you can be done online on a remote basis. We will be your partner as you dive deep into the world’s innovation ecosystem.

Tangible Deliverables

We create real value for your company. From  scouting reports through to startup showcases and signed agreements of engagement, we are your partner on the innovation journey. The key deliverables of our startup scouting service include:

Showcase of “The Short List”

Meetings between your key decision-makers and a highly refined shortlist of startups that best solve your business challenges.


Engagement Agreements

Signed engagement agreements from startups approved by you, outlining your new relationship.


Technology & Trends Report

Our consultants’ findings include a segmentation of similar solutions, trend analyses, and actionable insights.


Database of Startup Profiles

Searchable online database of hundreds of global startups that match your search criteria.


Industry Innovation & Best practices

Scouting reports with analyses of industry best practices and innovative solutions around your business challenges.  

The latest innovation Methodologies

Briefings and workshops on innovation directly from leading practitioners including lean startup, design thinking and design sprints.

Our recent startup research

Download a sample of  one of our startup scouting reports:

Our Recent Research

Our Success Stories



Who was the client?:
DHL (Germany)

DHL was facing the challenge of finding startups pioneering novel AI solutions in the supply chain space.

SVIC conducted the necessary research, delivering to DHL a database of early-stage companies that corresponded to the logistics major’s requirements. We went further, working with DHL to engage several of the startups from the database. Ultimately, DHL launched pilot projects with a number of the early-stage companies SVIC discovered. 




Who was the client?: 
Symetra (United States) 

A company providing a range of products across insurance and retirement plans to diverse clientele, Symetra needed a platform that would allow it to provide secure, efficient text communication to customers.

SVIC scouted globally, finding innovative startups capable of meeting Symetra’s specific need that also possessed relevant experience and resources to work with Symetra’s market and customer base. Symetra went on to launch successful pilots with a number of the startups found.




Who was the client?:
Food processing and packaging multinational

Our client needed to find innovative solutions to challenges around data automation as part of the digital transformation of its manufacturing operations.

SVIC activated its networks, including across venture capital and startup incubators, to source  solutions tailored to our client’s challenges. The result was a unique database of early-stage companies with the potential to make an immediate positive impact on the client’s digital transformation. 

International Vitamin Corp.


Who was the client?: 
International Vitamin Coporation (United States)

International Vitamin Corporation was looking for new technologies and solutions that would be applicable to a number of operational areas, including manufacturing, logistics and retail. 

SVIC undertook a comprehensive analysis of each of the sectors in question, providing to International Vitamin Corporation a report on established and emerging solutions in each area. International Vitamin Corporation was then able to assess each option for its potential for partnerships and further implementation.

What Do Our clients say?

It was a very great opportunity to work with SVIC. We got to know a lot of startups and how they work, how they innovate, their solutions. We got to know a lot of companies and we can use these new technology/ build/or co-create a use case with them. So it’s a really great opportunity. Thank you.
Wisit Promrak
Geophysist, Strategy and Planning at PTTEP, Thailand
Thank you so much for an excellent program and successful experience with SVIC. We were pleasantly surprised with what we were able to achieve and what we are going to achieve. The startup scouting program was very well structured, and the choice of startups from Silicon Valley was very well thought through. Thank you.
Nelson Gasparian
Commercial Director at Bexs Banco de Câmbio, Brazil
Thank you for your great job. The program was very well designed and executed: bringing different elements of Silicon Valley innovation and startup showcases.  The key takeaway of the program : understand how can startups and corporates work together and create partnerships where both sides can benefit.
Fouad Alnazawi
Managing Director at Lamarka Consulting Services, Saudi Arabia

Our Clients

Since 2011, we have enabled over 200 of the largest global corporations to partner with the world’s most innovative technology companies

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