We Match Leading Corporations With The world's Best Startups

Accelerate your Transformation

In 3 months, we perform a customized global startup search, curate down to a short list of finalists, and deliver the most relevant and quality startups to fulfill your corporate innovation needs.

Fuel your
Growth Engine

Discover and engage with world-class technology companies. We uncover strategic partners and acquisition targets that will be your growth engine for the next 2-5 years.

Don’t Re-Invent the Wheel

Thousands of startups are already innovating in or around your industry. We enable you to make smarter vendor, partnership, and acquisition decisions by finding solutions that already exist.

your Industry

Understand the technologies and trends that will drive the growth of your industry and have a clear view of what bets your competition is making.

Key Benefits of Solution & Startup Scouting

  • Startups are an important source of innovation for corporations, like an “external R&D lab” with lower cost for experimentation and technology adoption
  • Comprehensive search of existing solutions: don’t end up with inferior vendors
  • Distribution of risks: don’t put all eggs in one basket
  • Cultivate relationships with external resources to achieve innovation
  • Lower costs of working with startups
  • Faster schedules for solution delivery
  • More innovative solutions
  • Easier to experiment with and pivot
  • Identify future trends and technologies outside the company
  • Bring inputs to current projects and help to develop new products and services
  • Open the way to new disruptive solutions
  • Optimize resources and get access to new technologies

How IT Works

We discover highly qualified matches by leveraging our unique access to global thought leaders, venture capital and private equity to provide you with the broadest, fund-agnostic technology partners

Competitive Landscape Report

We deliver a comprehensive competitive landscape report that identifies which startups are disrupting your industry and show you where your competitors are making their investments.

Technology Research

Our experts work with your team to identify the trends and technologies most relevant to your business and provide a comprehensive map of existing solutions, eliminating technological “blind spots.”

Startup Scouting

Our team provides an extensive global search of the best solutions. We then curate a list of select startups bringing only the most promising solutions based upon your company’s needs.

Startup Selection

We perform several rounds of diligence and guide your company through selecting the key startups that want to partner with you.

Formalized Startup Engagements

We deliver formalized Letters of Intent that describe the next stages of piloting and integration.

Tangible Deliverables

Showcase of “The Short List”

Meetings between your key deciders and the highly-curated finalists that best solve your business needs


Engagement Agreements

Signed engagement agreements from your approved Startups outlining your new relationship


Technology & Trends Report

Our consultants’ findings include a segmentation of similar solutions, trend analyses, and actionable insights


Database of Startup Profiles

Searchable online database of hundreds of global startups that match your initial search criteria


Best practices of using similar solutions

Scouting Report with analysis of best practices & similar solutions

Insights into latest innovation approaches

Lean startup methodology for selecting vendors and running experiments

Our Success Stories

Nissan LATAM


Chairman, Nissan LATAM

Discover new relevant technologies, support innovation at Nissan Innovation Center LATAM and Nissan Venture Fund

Engagement with internal Innovation teams, Startup Partnerships

Insurance Australia Group


IAG’s BOD and CxO

Discover new technologies rapidly shaping the insurance industry

Technology and Competitive Landscape Report, Startup Selection

Thomson Reuters


GGO (Global Growth Organization)

Discover new relevant technology related to TR’s digital transformation agenda

Selection of Startup Partnerships



Board of Directors

Scout for disruptive solution in transportation management

Investment in one of the startups identified, ongoing engagement

Bank of Queensland


Board of Directors

Look for AgTech and FinTech innovations and identify startups for potential engagement

Ongoing partnership conversations with a number of startups and ecosystem players

Our Clients

Since 2011, we have enabled over 200 of the largest global corporations to partner with the world’s most innovative technology companies

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