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First appeared at Joie de Vivre

The future is here. But maybe you’re just not feeling it. Do you, for example, still close your own car doors manually? The one-day “Silicon Valley Legends” tour will put that tired routine to bed, at least for an hour at Tesla, where the Model X will be demoed. The doors open when the fob-carrying you approaches the car. Say what? The X’s dash also sports a bio-weapon defense button, which isn’t nearly as scary as it sounds. It filters the air within the cabin to a pristine medical-grade purity … no matter what’s happening outside, as Tesla states online. All right, that might be a little scary. A Googler will continue the tour of the future into the campus known as Googleplex. Later, you’ll meet Sofia whose full name is Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy. In layman-of-the-past’s terms, a former United Airlines plane has been outfitted with a 20-ton, 100-foot telescope. It flies 45,000-feet above capturing clear images of black holes and shadows of Neptune’s moon (no selfies sent back yet, as far as we know).

Before we spill the news on the price, remember that you are buying a ticket to the future. A seat on Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic is way more than the $900 price of entry to “Silicon Valley Legends.” For another perspective, sometimes a plane ticket from New York to San Francisco costs $900. The organization that holds the tour, Silicon Valley Innovation Center, also leads a regular Friday Tech Tour. On that, participants are immersed in a world of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, drones, robots, and 3-D printing for $475. After the tour, you might report finding the world you wake-up in on the verge of something big.


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