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Digital Transformation

Comprehensive 5-day Silicon Valley Immersion Program For Corporate Executives

April 22 – 26, 2024

What Is An Executive Immersion Program?

Leading Digital Transformation Executive Program Is a One-Of-A-Kind Opportunity To Learn About The Latest Trends In Digital Transformation, Directly From The Silicon Valley Insiders. The Program Is An Immersive Experience With The Most Innovative Silicon Valley Companies. It Is Designed Specifically For Corporate Executives Leading Digital Transformation Initiatives.​

What Will I Learn?

Disruptive Technology Trends

Gain clarity on disruptive technology trends and challenges and opportunities they create.​

Critical Digital Capabilities

Discover critical digital capabilities you need to create a customer-centric journey​​.​

Integration With Strategy

Brainstorm with Silicon Valley visionaries how to make digital integral to your strategy​.

Investment Approaches

Figure out where to invest to get the best return on investment for digital transformation.

Program Agenda

This schedule is tentative and features past speakers and participating companies.
Subject to change without prior notice

Day 1


Learn about Silicon Valley’s ecosystem and its role in accelerating the digital revolution. Get an introduction to the economic drivers and major players that fuel technological innovation and shape the future of the industries. Hear from thought leaders from SVIC, Institute For The Future, Flex and Google about the future of the automated world and who is most likely to win and to lose in the brave new digital world.

  • – The Role of Silicon Valley In Driving Digital Revolution
  • – Future Thinking And Automated World
  • – The Age of Intelligence
  • – From Search Engine to Disrupting 15+ Industries

Day 2


Meet with trailblazers developing and applying breakthrough technologies. Visit companies such as DeepVision, Nvidia, iRobot, and Arrayent to reflect on and learn about implications of these technologies on your industry and business.

  • – Artificial Intelligence
  • – Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • – Robotics
  • – Blockchains
  • – Internet of Things

Day 3


Discover business model innovations that are being fueled by emerging technologies. Learn how companies such as AirBnB, Netflix, and Gap transform themselves from using machine learning to scale personalized interactions to flexing the supply chain to support entirely new business models like digital goods or subscription products.

  • – Innovation in Business Models
  • – Case Study On Disruptive innovation
  • – Bridging The Digital Gap
  • – Creating Unique Consumer Experiences

Day 4


Connect with aspiring “unicorns” just getting their ideas off the ground and out of the garages. Explore the latest innovation with digitally native companies such as the participants of the 500 startups acceleration program, The Vault, Due, and learn about innovative strategies and unorthodox tactics digital native companies employ to achieve rapid growth.

  • – Making Digital Happen
  • – Lessons From Digitally Native
  • – What Corporations Can Learn From Silicon Valley Startups

Day 5


Hear from the digital transformation leaders from companies such as Cisco and CitiVentures about their approach to digital transformation through automating business processes and implementing change management initiatives. Hear about what business outcomes this effort brings. Visit innovation labs of companies such as Mercedes and Autodesk to explore a variety of innovation strategies that companies employ to accelerate corporate innovation.

  • – Real-life Story Of Leading Digital Transformation
  • – Corporate Innovation Strategy: Innovation Lab
  • – Corporate Innovation Strategy: Venture Fund
  • – Corporate Innovation Strategy: Innovation Outpost

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Why Should I Join?

Open Pathways To New Business Opportunities

Company Meetings

Get Privileged Access To Silicon Valley

Technology Insights

Master Emerging Technology Trends
Best Practices
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Executive Briefings

Connect With Digital Transformation Leaders
Strategy Tips
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What Companies Will I Meet?

Flex is the Sketch-to-Scale™ solutions provider that designs and builds intelligent products for a connected world

Google is a multinational corporation that is specialized in internet-related services and products

NVIDIA manufactures integrated circuits for use in motherboard chip-sets, graphic processing units, and game consoles

IBM is an IT technology and consulting firm providing computer hardware, software, and infrastructure and hosting services

Gap nc. is a global retailer offering clothing, accessories, and personal care products for men, women, and children under various brands

Box is an online file sharing and cloud content management service offering unlimited storage, custom branding, and administrative controls

Cisco develops, manufactures, and sells networking hardware, telecommunications equipment, and other high-technology services and products

Microsoft is a software corporation that develops, manufactures, licenses, supports, and sells a range of software products and services

Airbnb is an online community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book accommodations around the world

Hewlett-Packard provides products, technologies, software, solutions, and services to individual consumers and SMBs

Autodesk develops 3D design software for use in the architecture, engineering, construction, and media industries

Facebook is an online social networking service that enables its users to connect with friends and family

Twitter is a social networking platform that allows its users to send and read 280-character messages known as “tweets.”

Lyft designs, markets, and operates a mobile application that matches drivers with passengers who request rides

Tesla Motors accelerates the transition to electric mobility with a full range of increasingly affordable electric cars

What Did Attendees Have To Say About The Program?

Andre Cabral, Marketing Director at Phillips, Spain shares his views about his experience at Silicon Valley. He attended the Leading Digital Transformation Program. He found it beyond his expectations.
Andre Cabral
Marketing Director at Phillips, Spain
Nicolas Toth Managing Director Latin America shares his views about his experience at Silicon Valley. He attended the Leading Digital Transformation Program. He found it beyond his expectations.
Nicolas Toth
Managing Director, Latin America
Jojo Guingao Chief Digital Officer Aboitiz Equity Venture, USA shares his views about his experience at Silicon Valley. He attended the Leading Digital Transformation Program. He found it beyond his expectations.
Jojo Guingao
Chief Digital Officer at Aboitiz Equity Venture, USA

Meet Some of Our Speakers

I was speaking about innovation and entrepreneurship and I drew on my experience both as an investment banker as well as at my advisory firm Sweat Equity. I’ve seen a lot of successful innovation and a lot of successful founders along the way and so I drew on those experiences in order to communicate what would work best for the people that were at SVIC today.
Said Mia
Founder, Sweat Equity
The level of engagement we can get with the clients here at Silicon Valley Innovation Center – we can go beyond the standard education and really beyond everything that you can learn online and everything that has been commoditized by having all that knowledge that is available out there.
Ed Fernandez
Board Director,Early Stage VC, YPO, Advisor & Entrepreneur
No matter your size of organization, whether you’re a large company or a small company, working with the SVIC really allows you to discover technologies well ahead of the curve. Whether working with an early-stage company like mine or working with one of the largest tech companies in the world, it really allows you to remain at the forefront of your game.
Kunal Contractor
Global Director, Avaamo

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April 22 – 26, 2024

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