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Over the past decade, Silicon Valley has become the epicenter of disruptive innovation not only in the United States but the world. With the highest concentration of tech startups in the world, the area has become a prime destination for those seeking to start disruptive startups and those seeking to work in or invest in such startups. This influx of world-class talent and venture capital continues to accelerate growth in the number of disruptive innovations and startups in Silicon Valley. Participants interested in infusing this disruptive startup DNA into their businesses can benefit greatly from experiencing the Silicon Valley ecosystem firsthand. Silicon Valley Innovation Center Silicon Valley Tech Tour provides just this firsthand experience.

Inspirational Insights

As an ecosystem optimized for innovation, Silicon Valley acts as a virtuous cycle that allows for the rapid advancement of ideas over short periods of time. Most of these innovations take months to years to diffuse into mainstream applications, by which time startups in Silicon Valley have achieved a massive competitive advantage that incumbents struggle to surmount. Through the immersive Silicon Valley Tech Tour, participants gain exposure to these leading-edge insights on emerging innovations and how they may apply to their specific industries. These insights offer a key advantage to participants returning to faceoff with competitors who may not have similar insights.

Practical Takeaways

While anyone can indirectly experience Silicon Valley’s innovations through a news website or some other online channel, experiencing these innovations in person provides practical and personalized takeaways that create a lasting impression. For instance, anyone can tour the Googleplex through Google Maps. However, walking through the Googleplex in person is an altogether different and outlook-altering experience. Also, reading about how the Oculus works and putting one on and using it provides markedly different takeaways for those involved. Participants taking the Silicon Valley Tech Tour have access to these and other technologies spanning robotics, artificial intelligence, drones, and others, exiting the tour with practical takeaways of how these technologies can impact their businesses and the industries they operate in.

Experiential Learning

In Silicon Valley, failure is almost as important as success. Many successful Silicon Valley startup founders wear their failures as a badge of honor. This mindset coupled with an insatiable quest for disruptive innovation is what makes Silicon Valley such a unique destination for participants interested in understanding how disruptive innovation works. Take the story of Instagram, for example. Founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger built multiple apps that failed before succeeding with Instagram. Another company that had a string of failures before succeeding is the gaming company Zynga, maker of Farmville and Word with Friends. Understanding how such a failure-tolerant culture works is at the heart of the Silicon Valley Tech tour.

Hands-on Experience

How will VR affect the health industry? What capabilities and possibilities do advancements in robotics and AI hold when it comes to the future of manufacturing? These are difficult questions to answer without necessary hands-on experience with these technologies. While others are trying to visualize how these technologies work, forward-thinking participants know that interacting with these technologies firsthand is the best way to internalize how they work and find applications within specific business cases. Such interactions are a standard fixture on the Silicon Valley Tech Tour where participants get to experience VR, AI, drones, robotics and other cutting-edge technologies.

Experience the Future

The Silicon Valley Tech tour is designed to give participants a first-hand immersive and transformative experience of what makes Silicon Valley so innovative. By interacting with Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, startups, and disruptive technologies, participants can take home key insights that can help develop and accelerate disruptive innovations within their businesses.


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