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March 2023 is proving to be a month of exciting developments in the startup world, with several success stories emerging from various industries. One standout example is the story of a startup that has developed a breakthrough medical technology for detecting and treating cancer at an early stage. The company has secured significant funding from investors and is launching its product in several markets worldwide.

Another startup success story is that of a sustainable fashion brand that has gained a loyal following for its eco-friendly clothing and accessories. The company has seen rapid growth in recent months, thanks partly to its innovative approach to manufacturing and sourcing materials.

Meanwhile, in the fintech industry, a startup that has developed a platform for streamlining cross-border payments has secured a significant partnership with a leading financial institution. The company’s technology promises to revolutionize how businesses and consumers transfer money across borders with faster and more secure transactions.

These are just a few examples of the exciting startup success stories emerging in March 2023, demonstrating the innovation and creativity that continues to drive the startup ecosystem forward.

1. AQUABLU – Aquablu exited is announce its new partnership with Insider. Both companies are on a mission to reduce single-use plastics in offices. Insider has noticed a trend: people increasingly switched from coffee to drinking water. Because Insider has a lot of clients visiting their office in Amsterdam, they looked for aesthetically pleasant solutions and offered their clients the best water possible sourced from Aquablu.

2. AQYSTA – Aqysta is happy to share their newly raised investment round to expand the GROWN farm incubator. The investment comes from a group of investors, including Draper Richards Kaplan (DRK), Ecosia, GLS Treuhand, We4F, and Angel Investors.

3. DENOIZE & RESPYRE – Every year, FD presents an overview of young (under 35), enterprising talents. This year, Aman Jindal (Founder of DeNoize) and Auke Bleij (Founder of Respyre) are part of this list! More information can be found HERE.

4. DUCKDUCKGOOSE – We are happy to share that Parya Lotfi, co-founder of DuckDuckGoose, has been granted the AI Entrepreneur award by Women in AI Netherlands! Women in AI is a nonprofit do-tank working towards inclusive AI that benefits global society. DuckDuckGoose is creating innovative and ethical AI solutions to combat the negative impact of deep fakes.

5. ENVISION – Envision introduced new Editions of the Envision Glasses, offering easy upgrades between editions and progressing towards a subscription-based model for feature updates. More about this can be found HERE.

6. FEEDBACKFRUITS – FeedbackFruits selected by Utah Education Network (UEN) as winners for three categories: outcomes and assessment, social annotation, and polling! With their new partnership with UEN, Utah institutions can purchase FeedbackFruits without procurement processes. For more information, click HERE.

7. MOMO MEDICAL – A jury nominated Momo Medical BedSense as a winner of the South Holland regional preliminary round for the Healthcare Innovation Award 2023! The Momo BedSense provides healthcare professionals with insights and an overview of nursing home residents. Care providers can see at a glance what attention is needed from the residents, who, in return, reduce the workload. 

8. QLAYERS – Qlayers has signed a cooperation agreement with Confined Space Robotics, under which CSR has officially become one of Qlayers’ clients in the North American region to deploy its robot for tank refurbishment projects. More information can be found HERE.

9. SOMNOX – Somnox and Drake & Farrell, the leading sustainability solution provider for circular supply chains, announce a long-term partnership. Drake & Farrell will build the Somnox 2 and establish an aftermarket solution. With this partnership, Somnox aims to extend its products’ lifecycle by using Drake & Farrell’s knowledge and experience on the circularity of electronics. This supports Somnox in the rollout of its new “Sleep As A Service” subscription model.

10. TILER – Tiler won the challenge that the municipality of The Hague launched for innovative and sustainable transport ideas for the Binckhorst. The challenge was part of the national Startup in Residence Intergov program. Therefore, for the upcoming six months, you will see Tilers wireless charging plates at various Park & Ride locations of The Hague for testing purposes.

These 10 startup success stories prove that with hard work, dedication, and a strong vision, anyone can turn their dreams into reality. From humble beginnings to skyrocketing success, these entrepreneurs have shown that it’s possible to rise from the ground up and make a lasting impact on their industries. We hope that these inspiring stories have motivated you to pursue your own entrepreneurial goals and that you will use them as a source of inspiration as you embark on your own journey toward success. Remember, the road to success is never easy, but with persistence and resilience, you can overcome any obstacle and achieve your dreams.


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