Who: C-Level Executives from Tetra Pak Brazil and their clients, including delegates from Pepsico and Nestle.

When: June 13th-June 15th, 2016

Program: The Future of Tech Innovation

Participating companies: Facebook, StanfordX, RocketSpace, Google, 500Startups, Facebook, Microsoft, Airbnb, Brand Garage, Amazon, Plug and Play tech Center, Institute for the Future, Tesla, Hungry Root, Doughbies, Din, Eatlimmo, Postmates, Birdeye, Datasembly, Reactful, Deltabid, Mango Materials, Ecologic Brands, Grow Plastics.

Achievements: SVIC introduced Tetra Pak to Silicon Valley leading futurists and innovative food companies (startups) and provided and immersive experience with practical examples on how companies are turning disruption threats into innovation opportunities.

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