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How Corporations can be Innovation Powerhouses

To stay alive in this highly competitive global economy, every company needs to become an innovation powerhouse. The time when innovation is done strictly inside the R&D department is over. To keep up with the fast cycles of technology, corporations must embrace a fluid startup framework.

How can large organizations build a startup within their enterprise or partner with external startups to accelerate corporate innovation?

Large organizations need to redesign their organization structure, immerse themselves with thought leaders and startups, and adopt an innovation culture. In this report, “The Innovation Powerhouse” by Andy Zhulenev, Vice President at Silicon Valley Innovation Center, you will receive a transformation blueprint that you can use as a roadmap to bring innovation to your corporation.

Download the report to learn about:

  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution and what it means for businesses
  • Challenges and strategies to running a business in an idea economy
  • How to become an innovation powerhouse through strategy, organizational structure, and corporate governance


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