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The connection between transportation and logistics and technology is not anything new. Companies like Walmart, FedEx, and others have been using RFID tags and barcodes for decades. What is changing in the industry is the emergence of digitally connected innovations. Consider ing technologies like RFID tags work primarily within silos; digital technology is opening a whole new array of possibilities.

Transportation and logistics (T&L) companies now face not only innovative competitors but disruptive tech startups as well that are aggressively applying digital technologies to upend entrenched business models. Areas such startups are disrupting include digital freight shipping, supply chain, and logistics analytics, sensor and asset tracking, inventory management, last-mile delivery, e-commerce logistics, fleet management, and warehousing.

For established companies to respond appropriately, they must themselves learn to apply disruptive digital technologies to their business models and operations, some examples of which are outlined below.

Silicon Valley Transport & Logistics Executive Immersion Program

Attend a 5-day Silicon Valley Innovation Center Transport & Logistics Executive Immersion program that offers board members and senior executives in the automotive, shipping, and logistics industries unparalleled access and insights into the innovations surrounding the industry. Executives can expect to learn about autonomous vehicles, blockchain in auto, AI and Machine Learning and IoT and predictive intelligence. To find out more about the program and how to participate, click the button below.


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