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As the year come to a close we’d like to share our thoughts about the three emerging innovations that reached their tipping point in 2017. These innovations weren’t necessarily developed in 2017, rather in 2017 they reached a high enough market adoption to indicate that they will be adopted on a mass scale in the next year or two. As a corporate innovator you’ll want to include these trends in your 2018 innovation road map.

1) Blockchain will create more transparent trade and ease of transacting

Only a few months ago still only a handful of die hard enthusiasts believed in the future of this alternative currency. Now in Dec 2017 with the Chicago Board of Exchange offering options to be traded on the digital asset, several countries developing their own cryptocurrencies, many of the large banks beginning to implement cryptocurrencies in their operations, and middle class Americans mortgaging their homes to invest, it is safe to say that this technology is here to stay and will continue to have more and more impact. SVIC has a developed a blockchain practice and we would be happy to answer your questions.

2) More millennials will work remotely in freelance positions and own fewer assets

The growth of the sharing economy has the chance to significantly impact the way work is done and society is structured. More and more millenials are opting to work as freelancers. Currently and do so remotely, often from lower cost countries. Millenials are realizing that having fewer possessions and more flexibility may be the key to a happier lifestyle, especially in a time when the cost of living is on the rise and work stability is low. Expect to see more startups that take the traditional buy to own B2C model and flip it to an on demand model. The question for you is, is the office environment and mission you offer employees more attractive than working as a freelancer from Bali?

3) The shift from visual to audio interface will make computer interaction more natural

Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant have made a name for themselves as being useful assistants not only for dictating text messages, but also for ordering things online, getting useful information, and navigating you. Over the course of 2018 expect to see more and more functionality shift from typing and screen based computer interaction to voice based computer interaction. Afterall talking is a more natural way for humans to communicate, and we prefer to do things as simply as possible. “Alexa…send grandma flowers for her birthday.” “OK. Which price range?” “$35 dollars.” “OK. Order placed. Receipt sent to your email.”


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