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There is no shortage of startups in Silicon Valley and the surrounding region. That is akin to asking how many hot dog street carts are on the streets of Manhattan during summertime. For those that are interested in finance, banking, innovation, new technology and investment, we are here to help you out today. We at Silicon Valley Innovation center now present you with the 26 new startups that you will need to know about now, and likely throughout the near future, and beyond.

We’ve noticed some trends, old and new, that have really been taking off throughout the year or still going strong from last: EcoTech, wearable IoT, FinTech, and “startups with a conscience” (companies that give back sizeable sums of their revenue to non-profits and charities, or the like). In the past year, likely due to Millennials overwhelming preferring to spend their money on companies that support their own beliefs and values, the dominant trend has been for startups in Silicon Valley to either directly or indirectly affect those that are in the greatest of need. Regardless of how they go about doing it, the list we compiled are all promising for investors and innovators alike.

Based upon public awareness, sizeable financial backing, and degree of innovation – ladies and gentlemen, here are the 26 startups you need to know about by the end of this year, and pay attention to for years to come:

  1. LitBit – cloud or mobile, LitBit is a new operating system to connect users with the IoT, in entirety and perpetuity.
  2. Skycatch – this app turns a customer’s drone camera into the ability to print 3D aerial photos.
  3. Countable – This politically charged startup turns CSPAN into Ellen. It makes even the most challenging bills that users are curious about fun, and easy to read.
  4. CrowdPAC – maybe because the past year was electorally charged, this app makes it easy to find others in your area with similar views, for example: to protest/rally.
  5. HandUp – this charitable giving startup allows donors to give directly to targeted causes, even ones that may not have a website or be geographically inconvenient for donors.
  6. Kiva – Kiva, another crowdfunding site, but directed at entrepreneurs, allows “investors” to donate to impoverished areas, and see a profit if the project is a success.
  7. Samasource – for those looking to outsource project management, guilt-free, Samasource handles training and supplies for impoverished but eager PMs across the world.
  8. Bayes Impact – We couldn’t say it any better than this non-profit does on their website: “We are a group of idealists who dedicate our lives to build operational solutions to social problems by building software for governments and nonprofit organizations.”
  9. One Degree – If you have your hands full with the kids, this non-profit startup makes it a cinch to find all of the family resources one might need in the Silicon Valley area.
  10. Watsi – Watsi is a charitable health services sight where donors can fund treatments and surgeries for those in need, regardless of location.
  11. Exygy – This startup of developers lend their expertise to help that tech development, the kind not available in public schools, is available to solving problems for those with a passion to help their communities.
  12. Honor – This startup connects qualified caregivers with jobs helping the disabled and elderly while earning a living wage.
  13. Gusto – Especially helpful for small to medium-sized business, Gusto streamlines the HR process, with incredibly intuitive software design.
  14. Checkr – Covering 13 different business sectors, Checkr provides the most comprehensive, industry-specific background checks with a rapid turnaround for employers.
  15. AltSchool – This startup is taking the educational industry by storm, combining the latest technology and educational approaches to learning, now operating in four major US cities.
  16. Brigade – nicknamed by some as the “Tinder of political interests” Brigade works as a social network for voters that are particularly involved in politics, and looking for others, too.
  17. After School – perhaps the first app to be banned from the Apple Store (but, now they’re back), this incredibly popular app among teens allows for anonymous communication with friends.
  18. 21 – taking the crypto-currency industry by storm, 21 essentially turns a computer into a bitcoin cash register, connected to other 21 users, and at no initial cost.
  19. Eero – Eero is one of those startups that makes you say to yourself “Why didn’t I think of that?” Wi-fi dead spots throughout the home, office, etc. are a thing of the past for Eero customers.
  20. Gigster – Gigster is a new platform to hire freelancers and developers for your company. Want to make a startup but don’t know where to start? You can hire Gigster for all of your startup needs.
  21. Eaze – This startup couldn’t have come out of anywhere but Silicon Valley. Eaze is a medical marijuana delivery service for residents of states where marijuana is legal or states where medical marijuana is legal.
  22. Postmates – Now operating in over 40 major US cities, postmates guarantees to deliver practically anything from lunch orders to spare tires to your location within an hour.
  23. Nima – For anyone with celiac disease, or those that just plainly want to avoid wheat gluten, this startup developed a portable gluten sensor for those dining out.
  24. Shift – Shift seeks to transform how recently used and new cars are bought and sold. They bring the car to you with an expert to answer questions, offer the user a test drive, and have already expanded to six US regions.
  25. Operator – a new, personalized way to shop online, users have a personal curator to help them put together new and unique products, and with taste.
  26. CircleUp – Another crowdsourcing platform, but with a twist. CircleUp is designed for the “elite” investors, connecting them with the most “innovative” consumer goods ideas.

So, there you have it, these are the startups we’ve had our eye on throughout the year, and we believe these are some of the most likely to stick around for the long haul.

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