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What is Technology Scouting?

If all great companies are powered by great technologies, why are so many great technologies still waiting to be discovered? This paradox is the essence of technology scouting, a discipline for successful corporations that understand the need to constantly pursue innovation. Breakthrough technologies are often born inside startups but the entrepreneur community is only the beginning. In fact, new ideas are constantly being developed and tested in a wide range of settings, from industry think tanks to venture capital firms and university laboratories. The corporations that learn how to scout for new technologies across all of these fields inoculate themselves against startup-led industry disruption and open the pathway toward survival and long-term business growth.

What’s Unique About Our Approach to Technology Scouting?

Directing Our Network to Match Your Strategic Agenda

Our technology scouting is led by an unmatched network, built up over more than a decade, of industry thoughts leaders, innovation practitioners and industry experts. Acting as your trusted partner and gateway to this Silicon Valley community, we learn first about the ideas, technologies and innovations that have the potential to help your organization meet its strategic goals.

This practice is combined with our proprietary access to sources of knowledge – both public and commercial – that we exploit to source and evaluate new technologies that can further your enterprise’s innovation agenda.

Success Stories


Technology Scouting

C-level Executives of TetraPak

Discover innovative solutions that can advance the digital transformation agenda in data automation and manufacturing.

Engagement with startups

International Vitamin Corporation

Technology Scouting

C-level Executives of TetraPak

Scout for innovative solutions in manufacturing, logistics and retail in Silicon Valley.

Identified established solutions and innovative startups for potential partnerships

Oil and Gas Companies

Technology Scouting

C-level Executives 

Identify innovative solutions to transform customer experience for downstream part of the company.

Successfully identified a range of solutions (100+), ongoing engagement.

What People Say

Innovation Waiting to Be Discovered

It’s my first time to San Francisco and the Valley. Even though I heard a lot about it, read a lot about it, google it if you like, it doesn’t compare to coming here and actually meeting people, hearing the stories, and really get observed into that stories. We came with a few things we wanted to achieve: how can we build an innovation culture, how we can positively contribute to our ecosystem: what are the things we need to start or finish: how do we use water for example, and how do we look into environmental monitoring on app, and how we can use drones and the whole range of other technologies.
Megan Harris
Innovation and Partnerships at Bank of Queensland, Australia
That was an amazing and inspiring program: Getting exposed to Silicon Valley environment and mindset, seeing all the different technologies and innovative organizations (startups and big corporation) supporting those technologies, and interact with Silicon Valley insiders on-site.
Sebnem Dag Guven
Vice President of Strategy at Akbank, Turkey
This is our first trip to Silicon Valley and when you start thinking about new technologies and directions -it begins here, and this is a completely different experience. When we want to move to innovation – this is what we are looking at Silicon Valley.I appreciate the support that was given by SVIC and the knowledge we gained during our short trip.
Krishnan Sinnathamby
Director at MEMScom Technology, Malaysia

Our Deliverables

Outcomes to match your ambitions

When you engage Silicon Valley Innovation Center for technology scouting we can provide a range of deliverables to match your company’s aims and ambitions including:

  • Active, on-going search and evaluation to provide your organization with a steady stream of new technology opportunities relevant to your business.
  • Written reports detailing currently available technologies and their application to your company, market and industry including best practices from other industries and competitors.
  • Interactive, customized sessions in-person or via remote link-up with our technology and industry experts to provide additional consulting and advisory on new technologies and possible use cases.
  • Showcases, interactive meetings and workshops to learn more about technologies yet to find commercial application and the teams behind them.
  • Deal structuring, startup engagement and a host of other advisory services on integrating breakthrough innovations into successful, established corporations.

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