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Transforming Banking Through Artificial Intelligence

About the Interview, Past

Customer service chatbots, algorithmic trading and automated fraud detection; these are just a few of the many use cases of machine learning and artificial intelligence in the financial industry today. How do financial institutions evolve to embrace new technologies? We tackle this question and much more in an interview with Ed Fernandez, a board director and advisor and an expert in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Ed discusses where artificial intelligence and machine learning are already taking root in banking and finance and shares use cases of these technologies that will make the biggest impact in future.



Ed FernandezBoard Director And Advisor

About Our Guest

Ed Fernandez is a board director, advisor, early stage and startup VC and a technology entrepreneur based in Palo Alto. He is also a mentor & advisor at Singularity University Ventures and Berkeley’s Center for Technology & Entrepreneurship. Ed combines these roles with his work as board director at Arowana International, an asset and fund management holding and PE – mid-size companies operator listed in ASX (ASX:AWN). Ed is a strategic advisor at Arowana’s Alicorn Venture Fund. In 2015 Ed founded, an advisory & VC boutique in Palo Alto focusing on technology startups & early stage companies. He is also board director & investor at BigML Inc., a machine learning as a service platform company.
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