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About the Past, Webinar

The ultimate drivers of digital transformation, machine learning and artificial intelligence are the biggest trends in tech. While organizations in virtually every industry want to streamline it, business adoption often proves a challenge. Join Ed Fernandez, award-winning advisor and technology entrepreneur, as he goes beyond the headlines and hype to understand AI enterprise adoption and its impact on business processes. This webinar will allow you to see practical examples in action and learn the steps to get on board with machine learning in your own business. You will gain insights on enterprise tools and Machine Learning as a Service (MLaaS) and discover simple steps to get your company and your team started with machine learning now (and AI next).

You'll Learn

  • How your organization can get started with machine learning today
  • How machine learning as-a-service is changing the business landscape
  • Key applications of artificial intelligence in business for today and tomorrow



Ed FernandezNaiss, Co-Founder

About Our Guest

Ed Fernandez had Partner and Co-Founder of, an advisory and VC boutique focusing on technology startups and early-stage companies. He is a startup VC and technology entrepreneur based in Palo Alto.
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