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Robots, chatbots and a super smooth customer experience: this is the new world of fintech. Where do established banks and insurers fit in to this rapidly changing marketplace? Will they forever be playing catch-up or can they marshal the resources to strike back and seize the initiative? In this SVIC Interview Radhakrishnan NR, fintech practice head at digital solutions provider RapidValue, says they can keep up and, in fact, already are. He points to how legacy providers of insurance and financial services are integrating artificial intelligence and robotic process automation into their workflow to deliver seamless customer experiences. But with technology changing at a rapid pace, artificial intelligence is just a stepping stone. “Companies should not just be going with the technology that’s in fashion today, says Radhakrishnan. “They need to ask themselves where they want to be in five years’ time. That’s the question which is going to create the roadmap for what needs to be done.”



Radhakrishnan NRRapidValue, Fintech Practice Head

About Our Guest

Radhakrishnan has over 13 years of experience in financial services including 8 years in the insurance industry. He has worked as business strategy consultant with Fortune 500 insurance companies and have been providing solutions for business and process transformations such as post merger streamlining, setting up shared services, setting up best practices for insurance channels and developing strategy roadmap for Insurers. He is also a FinTech consultant providing business and technology solutions. He has digitally transformed Insurers’ underwriting processes, implemented artificial intelligence concepts into underwriting and claims management and chatbots and robo-advisors to enhance customer experience.
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