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The Future Of The Workplace

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Diversity and inclusion have been hot topics in Silicon Valley for a while now. Studies have shown that diversified teams outperform homogeneous ones, bring in more revenue, and are demanded by millennials in the workforce. So far, progress on this front has been slow, as it’s difficult to know what actionable steps to take without insights. However, the use of artificial intelligence can enable hiring processes free of human error and bias, as well as pathways to achieving diversity across the tech industry. Join us for a discussion about building the future of diversity and inclusion through AI and data science.

You'll Learn

  • The human characteristics that AI cannot replace and how we will work with AI in the future
  • How a diverse workforce can bring value to companies while increasing revenue and market adoption on products and services
  • The ways in which we avoid transferring human bias into AI decision-making and how to develop a diverse leadership to promote inclusion in the workforce



Maya AckermanCEO And Co-Founder, Wave AI
Siobhan NeillandCEO, OneMama.Org
Vaibhav PawaProduct And Engineering, Atipica

About Our Guest

Maya Ackerman

Dr. Maya Ackerman, a computer science professor, leading expert on computer creativity, and opera singer, is upending the songwriting industry with the first AI-based technology that makes songwriting widely accessible to everyone. Dr. Ackerman’s research allowed her to develop ALYSIA, a machine learning based system that creates original melodies and lyrics, allowing anyone, regardless of their musical expertise, to create original songs in minutes.

Siobhan Neilland

Siobhan Neilland, CEO/Founder NGO, and a Sr Fortune 500 Staffing Consultant with focus on Leadership Diversity and Engagement in her Company SER Consulting. She consults at companies like Amazon Web Services, Google, Oracle, Visa and many more. Siobhan builds the leadership teams these global corporations need to be successful with special focus on Diversity, Inclusion, Engagement & Technical Staffing.

Vaibhav Pawa

Vaibhav Pawa works in Product and Engineering at Atipica, a company which helps organizations Guild inclusive workforces through AI.
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