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The Four Lenses Of Digital Transformation

About the Past, Webinar

How can a company equip itself to embrace opportunities – and avoid the inherent threats? The only answer is digital innovation across the entire business model, and the embedment of a new digital mindset throughout the organization. In this webinar, global thought leader Rowan Gibson will describe a systematic methodology for digital innovation and transformation based on four key mental perspectives.

You'll Learn

  • CHALLENGING ORTHODOXIES – radically rethinking and recalibrating products, services, strategies, and business models for a new digital era
  • HARNESSING TRENDS – using the power of discontinuous change to substantially alter the rules of the game and to drive industry disruption
  • LEVERAGING RESOURCES – repurposing and recombining core competencies and strategic assets to stretch into new digital opportunities
  • UNDERSTANDING NEEDS – identifying the unmet needs of digitally connected customers and designing solutions from the need backwards



Rowan GibsonBestselling Author Of The Four Lenses Of Innovation, Influencer

About Our Guest

According to Forbes, Rowan Gibson is “one of the most recognized thought leaders in business” and “the maestro of business innovation”. Other media have labeled him “Mr. Innovation”, “the innovation grandmaster”, and “an innovation management ninja”. He is the bestselling author of three major books on business strategy, innovation, and enterprise transformation that are published in 25 languages. Rowan is a strategic adviser to a long list of Fortune 500 companies all over the globe, and one of the world’s most in demand public speakers. Over the last decade, he has delivered keynote speeches, public seminars, and multi-day master classes in 63 countries. In 2015 he received the prestigious “Global Leader of Innovation” award for his significant contribution to the field of innovation strategy.
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