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Protect Your Corebusiness While Innovating

About the Interview, Past

Corporate entrepreneurship and developing new business models are daunting tasks to many big companies. As many executives will have experienced, the organizational capabilities and processes required for innovation are drastically different from, and often even in conflict with, those required to maintain an established business. So how can companies overcome this fundamental tension between optimizing the core business to meet near-term goals and fostering innovation to ensure long-term survival and growth? In this SVIC Interview Roger Chen, Professor at the University of San Francisco, answers this question and much more. A forward-thinking expert in the fields of corporate innovation entrepreneurship and global competitive strategy, Professor Chen brings a wealth of experience and actionable insight to the debate around how successful, established businesses can take on fresh ideas, create new products and ultimately transform themselves to stay current amid changing technological and market circumstances.



Roger ChenProfessor, University Of San Francisco

About Our Guest

Roger Chen brings forward-thinking expertise to the University of San Francisco in the fields of corporate innovation and growth, entrepreneurship, and global competitive strategy – areas he views as entirely interdependent. By developing a balanced approach and effort between pure quantitative/academic research and case research methods, Dr. Chen embodies academic rigor to benefit global corporations, entrepreneurs, his academic peers and students. Professor Chen was a co-founder of the “Silicon Valley Venture Capitalists Confidence Analysis and Index,” as well as the Journal of Asia Business Studies. Dr. Chen has also provided consulting and executive training to many leading enterprise companies, including Panasonic, Intel China, Caterpillar, Michelin, V-Tech, Tyco Electronics, Lenovo, Volkswagen China, and Li-Ning. He is currently an adviser to the World Hearing Organization, Inc, a Silicon Valley start-up.
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