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Optimizing Firms For Corporate Innovatio

About the Past, Webinar

In conversation with SVIC, Managing Partner at Acceleration Technology Partners, Nima Shomali, talks about how firms can become more innovative. Do companies need to disrupt themselves in order to innovate? Are there shortcuts, like partnering with startups? Does innovation always mean taking risks and in which industries and companies do we see the healthiest, most innovative corporate cultures?

You'll Learn

  • To leverage your firm’s pre-existing strengths to achieve sustained innovation
  • The models and frameworks required for agility within a fast-changing market
  • How to avoid ad-hoc decision-making and optimize organizational structure for the long-term



Nima ShomaliAcceleration Technology Partners, Managing Partner

About Our Guest

Nima Shomali is an expert in technology strategy and organizational behavior. He specializes in creating high-performance corporate cultures, building elite technology strategy, and leading large-scale corporate turnarounds. Prior to founding ATP, Nima served in the Office of the CEO for Yahoo Inc. under Chief Executive Officer Marissa Mayer as strategic initiative and corporate culture lead. In this role, he created the Yahoo IdeaLab Internal Product Incubator. Nima is a Fellow at the University of California, Berkeley Haas School of Business Amena Center for Innovation Economies. Previously, Nima was Program Coordinator of the University of California, Davis Graduate School of Management’s MBA Foundations of Technology Program. Nima also holds an appointment as Assistant Professor of Strategy and Organizational Behavior in the MBA and undergraduate business programs at St. Mary’s College of California, where he was awarded the 2016 Outstanding Faculty of the Year.
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