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Leading Through Innovation: Attitude For Success

About the Past, Webinar

We would like to invite you to an inspiring talk/workshop about innovation, leadership, entrepreneurship and motivation by professor Balvinder Singh Powar. We will talk about key areas such as diversity, innovation, entrepreneurial attitude & how to make change happen. Balvinder will use his vast experience leading and working with teams on cutting edge projects to describe how to build a culture of innovation in your organization through practical tips. We are living in a fast paced and challenging world which can make us feel both excited and concerned but let’s take stock and see how we can find the best ways forward. Learn how we can inspire each other to create a culture of innovation, take responsibility and dream BIG!

You'll Learn

  • The importance of soft skills in innovation culture
  • Understand what “disruptive innovation” really means
  • How we can really motivate and inspire teams



Balvinder Singh PowarBooster Space Industries, Board Member And Director

About Our Guest

Balvinder is English of Indian origin, resident in Spain. He is a business & finance graduate with a masters degree in mediation. He has extensive experience leading cutting edge projects internationally. He is a founding partner, board member and director at BOOSTER Space Industries and AERDRON. He is also an adjunct professor and mentor at IE Business School. In 2018 he became a senior advisor at “Opinno”, an innovation agency.
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