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Digital Transformation At Large Companies

About the Past, Webinar

Most innovation initiatives fail before they even start. Unsupportive environment, poor use of tools, lack of adequate culture, misalignment between approaches and goals and many more factors contribute to this sad state of affairs. In this webinar Mathieu Guerville, Innovation Director and Principal at UL Ventures, explains how to create a solid foundation from which to build innovation and transformation, with practical rather than theoretical advice and real-world examples.

You'll Learn

  • How to harness the power of open innovation
  • The steps to revamp organizational culture to make it transformation-ready
  • How to succeed at venture capital and make it work for your business



Mathieu GuervilleDirector, UL Ventures

About Our Guest

Mathieu is a corporate venture capitalist at UL Ventures. He has led several strategic initiatives, acquisitions and venture investments at Underwriters Laboratories to transform the company from a single-service US company to a diversified digital multinational.
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