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Detonate: Blow Up The Playbooks. Ignite Change

About the Past, Webinar

Often without meaning to, organizations continually waste precious resources on processes and activities that don’t create value. Join Deloitte’s Geoff Tuff and Steve Goldbach for practical and empowering advice on navigating these times of accelerated change and disruption.

You'll Learn

  • Discover how to spot “orthodoxies” that hold organizations back and learn how to challenge them with confidence
  • Explore new ways of thinking and acting that challenge the status quo and help your organization survive disruption
  • Identify where to experiment with new practices without impacting your core business



Geoff TuffPrincipal And Senior Leader Of The Innovation And Applied Design Practices

About Our Guest

Steve and Geoff have more than 50 years of experience as innovation strategists and help successful business achieve transformation in unorthodox ways. They are authors of the bestselling book “Detonate: Why – and How – Corporations need to Blow up Best Practices (and Bring a Beginner’s Mind) to Survive.”
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