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Corporate Startup Ecosystem And Innovation Obstacles

About the Past, Webinar

Large companies aren’t like startups and copying their tactics can be frustrating and sometimes foolish. A big corporate is more like an ecosystem that has startups inside it, trying to survive. The CEO can’t simply command innovation to occur and expect greatness. But we can change the ecosystem to support intrapreneurship.

You'll Learn

  • How to build an innovation ecosystem that’s right for your company
  • The steps to kickstart intrapreneurship
  • How to identify – and eliminate – obstacles to innovation



Tristan KromerLean Startup Coach And Founder

About Our Guest

Tristan Kromer helps innovation teams sell the right products to the right customers. As a lean startup coach and founder of Kromatic, Tristan and his team works with teams and leaders to build innovation ecosystems. Kromatic worked with companies ranging from early stage startups with zero revenue to established businesses with more than $10M USD revenue (Kiva, JustAnswer, StumbleUpon) to enterprise companies with more than $1B USD revenue. (Swisscom, Pitney Bowes, Fujitsu, LinkedIn).
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