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Why Do Corporations Partner With Venture Capital?

The companies that are global leaders in innovation understand that to make breakthroughs, it is not enough to rely on in-house teams. With new technologies appearing all the time and market trends in constant flux, these enterprises have come to see that in order to maintain their dominant position in a fast-changing world, they also need to work with external partners.

The corporations that understand how to work with venture capital have the chance to accelerate the journey to innovation. Instead of investing millions of dollars and hundreds of hours in building an internal team, corporations can tap into a venture firm’s portfolio of startups. Properly executed, the end result of a venture capital partnership is access to the emerging technologies and new products that turn established corporations  into innovation leaders and insulate them from startup-led industry disruption.

What’s Unique About Our Approach?

A proven track record of inspiring corporations to innovate

We are your trusted partner inside Silicon Valley. A one-of-a-kind ecosystem of great complexity and diversity, the Valley offers ambitious corporations a multitude of opportunities for growth and innovation. For more than a decade we have been the corporate world’s guide through Silicon Valley dense web of connections, leveraging our extensive network of thought leaders, industry experts and disruptive startups to bring C-suite executives inspiration, education and business development.

To connect to venture investment opportunities in Silicon Valley, there is no need to travel. We will be your outpost in the ecosystem, connecting you with the right deals, the right people and the right technologies to meet your innovation goals.

Our venture capital partnerships program is a distinct offering within our suite of services to corporations that seek to deliver on their innovation objectives. As an independent entity operating within Silicon Valley, we are able to provide impartial assessment of the startup investment landscape. With no equity of our own to protect in early-stage companies or venture capital funds, we render genuinely unbiased consulting to established enterprises that want to develop their practice of open innovation. Our expert guidance de-risks this action, as we align our resources to match your organization’s strategic goals.

How It Works

A comprehensive program for a faster route to innovation

Our venture capital partnerships service begins with research and analysis to provide crucial business intelligence on the venture capital environment. We can also match your company to qualified venture capital firms or build and manage pilot projects with startups to secure access for your corporation to the sources of innovation. In essence, our goal is to provide deliverables that match your goals and ambitions, including:

Step 1

Written reports and due diligence to establish an overview of the venture capital landscape as it relates to your company, market and industry including a ‘longlist’ (50+) of potential partner venture capital firms. Our reports include financials and other essential, proprietary intelligence on firms including size and composition of funds, key personnel, historical success rates and their level of interest in finding new investors/limited partners.

Step 2

Consultations to narrow down a longlist of venture capital firms to a strategically selected group most likely to yield beneficial partnerships to your company. We then work with you on this ‘shortlist’ to rank venture capital firms according to your company’s preferences. The shortlist is typically made up of the top 20% of longlisted companies.

Step 3

Outreach by us on your company’s behalf to shortlisted venture capital firms in accordance with your preferences. We secure letters of intent and other expressions of reciprocal interest from firms, working with you to understand the breadth and intensity of that interest and identify domains where it can be realized in the form of mutually beneficial partnerships and projects.

Step 4

Access to emerging technologies, disruptive products and services and other sources of innovation through the development of pilot programs, projects and other partnership initiatives with venture capital firms and their portfolio of startup companies.

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