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Why Silicon Valley Showroom?

SVIC New Tech Showroom is designed for executives who are looking to get a first-hand experience on how emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Augmented and Virtual Reality, 3D Printing, Autonomous Driving, Internet of Things, Robotics (and more) is impacting your industry. This showroom will demonstrate the innovative use cases of these technologies into your business operations. Come and try out the latest gadgets to see these emerging technologies in action.

What Gadgets You Will Try Out

We have curated an exclusive collection of revolutionary and disrupting gadgets from startups and established tech companies in Silicon Valley. This makes the New Tech Gadget Showroom one of a kind opportunity to have an immersive gadget tryout experience. Come and test gadgets like never before. Buy tickets exclusively for the showroom or combine it with our Custom Program for a more immersive Silicon Valley experience.


Fly, dive or drive through virtual worlds.  ICAROS provides exciting, motivating and entertaining Active VR experiences. Conquer the skies, explore underwater worlds or the part in multiplayer races with ICAROS users all over the world.

Tesla Model X

Built from the ground up as an electric vehicle, the body, chassis, restraints and battery technology mean the Model X can take you where you need to go. Industry-leading range and charging options worldwide make this vehicle among the best in its class while autopilot advanced safety and convenience features provide a unique glimpse into the future of mobility.

Delta Wasp Turbo 2

Rapid prototyping provides engineering, design and development teams with distinct advantage of the ability to explore and realize concepts more quickly. This efficiency in time and cost allows teams to move beyond the mere visualization of a product, making it easier to grasp the properties and design of a product. Companies like Ford, Volvo, and BMW really uses 3D printing for rapid prototyping, experimental parts, and creating jigs and fixtures for manufacturing. Mercedes-Benz which is currently pioneering this niche among other truck producers, and makes more than 100 000 printed prototypes each year.

Facebook Oculus Rift

The Oculus Rift is a virtual reality system that completely immerses you inside virtual worlds. Complete with touch controllers and two sensors, the VR experience showcases the possible future of a new hands-on interactive experience for business. Applications of virtual reality are appearing in industries like tourism, education, medical, construction, manufacturing, automotive, and retail.

HTC Vive Pro

Built for the most demanding professional users, the VIVE Pro features world-class graphics, high-end audio, expansive modular tracking and precision eye-tracking. Ranked among the sharpest, most brilliant VR headsets on the market today, the VIVE Pro will enhance your understanding of your audience, customers and trainees by tracking how long their gazes linger on various objects and areas within virtual stores and in simulation programs.

Microsoft Hololens

HoloLens offers the most comfortable and immersive mixed reality experience available, with industry-leading solutions that deliver value in minutes—all enhanced by the reliability, security, and scalability of cloud and AI services. Come and witness how HoloLens could help bring benefits to the enterprise, especially when it comes to sectors like manufacturing, construction, even healthcare, where the user can follow step-by-step instructions while maintaining the use of both hands.

Google Glasses

Google glass is a very small, lightweight wearable computer with a transparent display that brings information into your line of sight. In a work setting, you can clip it onto glasses or industry frames like safety goggles so you don’t have to switch focus between what you’re doing with your hands and the content you need to see to do your job. Workers in many fields, like manufacturing, logistics, field services, and healthcare find it useful to consult a wearable device for information and other resources while their hands are busy.

DJI Mavic Pro 2

Combine the DJI video goggles with the drone for ultimate tech immersion. They connect wirelessly to the Mavic Pro’s remote controller, unlike other FPV goggles, and offer live viewing at up to 1080p. Features like Head Tracking increase immersion by allowing you to control aircraft yaw and gimbal tilt with natural head movements.You see what the drone sees in real time with these goggles. Also learn more about application of drones in AgTech, Commercial Aerial Surveillance, Real Estate and Construction, Last mile delivery, Film making, Sports, Insurance, Oil and gas exploration, Weather patterns.

How IT Works

Our experts will be there to assist you with every gadget. Do not hesitate to ask for their help.

Step 1

Buy a ticket for the showroom on our website or Eventbrite or Airbnb Experiences or For a more immersive experience, include showroom as a part of our Custom Program which includes visiting Silicon Valley companies and meeting the experts.

Step 2

Arrive at the New Tech Gadget Showroom (1850 Gateway Drive, Suite 150, San Mateo,CA) on time, check-in and meet our tech expert.

Step 3

Immerse yourself in an exhilarating experience as the Tech expert gives you a guided tour of the showroom combined with demos.

Step 4

Tryout all the gadgets yourself for 2 hrs. It will be a small intimate group so you will have plenty of time to try each and every gadget.

Step 5

(optional): Need to focus on a particular industry? We offer industry specific custom showroom experience as well.

Who We Are?

The Silicon Valley Innovation Showcase is a step to better understand the enterprise applications of the emerging technologies and to enable you to try the cutting edge products yourself. We have selected all the gadgets very meticulously to make this showroom experience exclusive and the best in class.

Innovation Evangelist:

We have a team of experts dedicated to the tech showroom who are well versed and trained about each and every technology. They will take you through all the demos and use cases related to your industry and will assist you as you try on the gadgets yourself.

What People Say

This is our first trip to Silicon Valley and when you start thinking about new technologies and directions -it begins here, and this is a completely different experience. When we want to move to innovation – this is what we are looking at Silicon Valley.I appreciate the support that was given by SVIC and the knowledge we gained during our short trip.
Krishnan Sinnathamby
Director at MEMScom Technology, Malaysia
That was an amazing and inspiring program: Getting exposed to Silicon Valley environment and mindset, seeing all the different technologies and innovative organizations (startups and big corporation) supporting those technologies, and interact with Silicon Valley insiders on-site.
Sebnem Dag Guven
Vice President of Strategy at Akbank, Turkey
It’s my first time to San Francisco and the Valley. Even though I heard a lot about it, read a lot about it, google it if you like, it doesn’t compare to coming here and actually meeting people, hearing the stories, and really get observed into that stories. We came with a few things we wanted to achieve: how can we build an innovation culture, how we can positively contribute to our ecosystem: what are the things we need to start or finish: how do we use water for example, and how do we look into environmental monitoring on app, and how we can use drones and the whole range of other technologies.
Megan Harris
Innovation and Partnerships at Bank of Queensland, Australia

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