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Living Smarter:
How Tech Is Disrupting The Home

An immersive 5-day program for executives

Available Online and In Person

April 22 – 26, 2024

What Is The Program About?

Our homes are getting smarter, with everything from security to cooking, sleeping and entertainment getting a digital upgrade. Voice activated-devices, internet of things sensors and robot cleaners are just a few of the many examples of new technologies transforming our most personal spaces. These changes extend to more than just the automation of household tasks; as we come more and more to trust the software and platforms running our homes, a new wave of products and services will emerge that build an emotional connection with us, leveraging not just artificial intelligence but artificial emotion too.

Our immersion program will educate you in all of these trends, connect you with the companies pioneering groundbreaking solutions and inspire you to turn your own company into a leading innovator for the long-term

As with all of our immersion programs, Living Smarter: How Tech Is disrupting the home is available both online and in person.

Smart Home startup innovation map

What Will I Learn?

Smart Security

One of the biggest sub-categories within the connected home, security is an area proving itself to be a hotbed of startup activity. Where August Home builds locks where smartphones are the key, Lighthouse makes security cameras with built-in voice search and computer vision. Ring, meanwhile, with more than $200 million in venture funding, is among the leaders. Its range of doorbells and security cameras has created what the company calls “neighborhood watch” for the digital age.

Home Robots

More and more everyday tasks in the home are being taken over by robots, with startups a big proponent of this trend. Among them is Trifo, the company behind the robot that can handle both home surveillance and cleaning, and Bumblee Spaces, who build modular robotics systems to store and retrieve objects stored in ceilings. OhmniLabs is another pioneer, using robots for elder care.

Kitchen and Home Appliance

The way we eat and prepare our food is changing fast thanks to emerging technologies. Companies operating in this space include Innit, developers of a connected food platform, Garbi, makers of a smart trash can, and Anova, a leading provider of smart kitchen appliances.


Companies in this area specialize in a range of niches; Where Molekule and Awair concentrate on purifying the air in our homes, Dreem and Beddr use with wearables, sensors and mobile apps to track, digitize and optimize our sleep.

Program Agenda

This schedule is tentative and features past speakers and participating companies.
Subject to change without prior notice

Day 1

The Digital Disruption of the Home

Who are the startups building the smart home of the future and what are their goals? Why are they growing so fast and what are the forces driving their expansion? These are the questions we answer on day 1 of our immersion program on The Future of Smart HomeWe explain how startups have leveraged new technologies like artificial intelligence and internet of things to build the devices that are redefining how we live. We visit companies such as August HomeInspire and Lighthouse to see the latest innovations. These startups are developing everything from smartphone-controlled locks to security cameras powered by voice search and computer vision. Other possible participating companies: RoostCujo AIRingNoonlightCherry HomeHome8

Day 2

Exploiting Market Niches

The journey continues on day two with an exploration of the limits of the smart home space as they exist today. How many areas of the home are being disrupted? What is the nature of this change and how fast is it moving? We answer these questions through visits to startups operating in a wide range of niches. Possible meetings include: Abode, the makers of smart home security hardware and software; Trifo, developers of a home surveillance and cleaning robot with a mobile app interface; and Nixplay, a leading provider of cloud-connected smart photo frames that work with Amazon’s Alexa smart speaker. These and other company visits illustrate the breadth and depth of the connected home revolution. Other possible participating companies: SutroZuliBirdiPiccoloAngelcamLexi

Day 3

Emerging Technologies​

Day three of the immersion program is dedicated to the technologies fueling the smart home industry. We hear from experts in artificial intelligence and machine learning, robotics, mobile platforms and internet of things  to learn what these technologies can currently do and what they will offer in the future. We visit companies such as and Blueberry where they show us how they use emerging technologies to create competitive advantages and provide innovative, market-disrupting products and services.   Other possible participating companies: SentriBrilliantALYTGartenzwergBumblebee SpacesFlipFlic

Day 4

Corporate Innovation in Smart Home

Having seen and heard on days 1 to 3 how digital technologies are creating the smart home of the future, on day 4 of our immersion program we challenge attendees to turn words into action. Participatory workshops with leading Silicon Valley experts on design thinkingdesign sprintsventure capital and open innovation provide executives with the blueprints and frameworks they need to deliver innovation within their own organization. We analyze how legacy home appliance manufacturers such as GE, Bosch and SIemens are reacting to the changing landscape with new products and services.We survey Silicon Valley’s major tech firms to understand how they will make a play for the future of the smart home thanks to the huge amount of data they hold on consumers. We visit companies such as AmazonAppleGoogleSamsung and Microsoft to illustrate these trends. Other possible participating companies: DouzenGreenbox TechnologiesAnovaFaceterSpark LabsFirst Round CapitalCherubic VenturesDropcamSmartThings

Day 5

The Future of
smart home

What’s next for the connected home? Day 5 brings the program to a close with its sights firmly set on the future. We learn about trends still in their infancy and meet the companies seeking to capitalize on those trends. Possible visits include Gjemeni, to see the future of on-demand smart furniture, and KeyWe, where engineers are developing the next generation of smart locks. Will consumers eventually see smart home devices not just as mindless robots but rather as personalities with whom they can build an emotional connection? We discuss this and other emerging trends, with visits to companies such as Speak To IoT, a voice-to-IoT platform, and Garbi, makers of smart trash cans that can automatically reorder products. We find out from these frontline digital startups how they see the future of smart home. Other possible participating companies: AngeeSmartAllOrroCasparEssentialAlfredCameraLiteHouse

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Why Should I Join?


Meet the Silicon Valley innovators passionate about using the latest technologies to create new value. Learn the frameworks and methodologies of the experts and embrace innovation with confidence.

Long-term value

Turn motivation and knowledge into concrete actions with the business development opportunities that make an established business a world-class innovator.   


Turn motivation and knowledge into concrete actions with the business development opportunities that make an established business a world-class innovator.   

Technology insights

See the disruptive power of the latest technologies and learn how they are being applied to solve humanity’s greatest challenges.


Gain insight into the digital disruption of consumer packaged goods and see how startups are applying emerging technologies to redesign how, where and what we buy.

New perspectives

Challenge your thinking on what it means to run an enterprise in the 21st century. Make innovation part of your personal mission and commit to the future of your business.

What Companies Will I Meet?

Second Measure analyzes billions of credit card transactions to answer real-time questions on consumer behavior

A smart trash can that can recognize anything you throw away.

Lighthouse is the home camera you just ask. Unlike traditional security cameras, Lighthouse combines computer vision and voice search.

Ring is an outdoor home security that provides homeowners a line of preventative security doorbells and cameras.

Robotics, computer vision, Artificial Intelligence, smart home.

Innit is an "eating technology" company that has developed the world's first Connected Food Platform.

Anova Technologies engineers connectivity solutions that optimize latency, availability, and capacity from client-port through client-port.

We make the Brilliant Control, a smart home control system that replaces an existing light switch.

Samsung Electronics is a South Korean multinational electronics company.

Neurotechnology company composed of sleep pioneers, a team of experts fascinated by science, technology and design.

Zuli's first product, the Zuli Smartplug, enables lights and appliances to adapt passively based on a user's presence in their home.

The easiest way to make window blinds smart.

Awair helps people to stay healthy and safe in all indoor environments.

Angelcam is an online platform that offers cloud-based surveillance cameras.

Molekule is a San Francisco-based science and clean air company that has developed a fundamentally new approach to cleaning air.

Sutro is a drop in system that monitors the chemical quality of your pool or spa.

Beddr is making it easy for people to understand and solve their sleep problems.

Roost is a Sunnyvale, CA-based developer of affordable smart home technology.

CUJO is an AI platform offering SaaS solutions to telecom operators and gateway manufacturers.

Imagine all of your devices working together to save your life.

Cherry Home works on the first human-centric AI home security system which protects people, not just homes.

Home8 offers video-verified alarm systems and services for home security and automation, fire safety, and monitoring.

Abode Systems is reinventing home security and automation by creating high quality products and innovative cloud based services.

Nixplay is the no.1 selling Smart Photo Frame. Nixplay Signage is a complete Enterprise Digital Signage Solution.

Elegant Smart Home Products. The Birdi Smart Detector is a combined smoke & CO alarm + air quality monitor.

Angelcam is an online platform that offers cloud-based surveillance cameras.

Piccolo is an organic baby food range and guaranteed to tickle tiny tastebuds.

Lexi is the next generation of Smart Lighting for consumers & hospitality.

Peer-to-peer marketplace for home sales. is the San Francisco-based AI startup building AI butler for smart home.

Blueberry is a network of neighbors getting home repairs and services done together.

ALYT is a PaaS-based platform that normalizes local and cloud access for homes and wearable devices.

Smart Gardens with proprietary IoT technology and a gamified app enabling anyone to grow food from home effortlessly at the push of a button

Amazon is an international e-commerce website for consumers, sellers, and content creators.

Google is a multinational corporation that is specialized in internet-related services and products.

Microsoft is a software corporation that develops, manufactures, licenses, supports, and sells a range of software products and services.

DouZen is a creator of Enchanted Objects. We develop the Hale Orb, a smart home assistant and UX hub for the home.

Greenbox Technologies develops an automated home irrigation system to control, monitor, automate, and optimize watering programs.

Intelligent Software for Smarter Surveillance, based of facial recognition and video stream real time analysis, is distributed as SaaS

Spark Labs is the collaborative & growth platform for innovators.

First Round is a venture capital firm that specializes in providing seed-stage funding to technology companies.

Founded in 2013, Cherubic Ventures is the only early-stage venture capital firm that's active in both US and China.

Dropcam develops a Wi-Fi camera with easy setup and continuous cloud recording.

SmartThings, a smartphone app, allows its users to monitor and control their domestic affairs even when they are out of their home.

Gjemeni is an on demand furniture start up that offers high tech, foldable furniture that comes in a single box.

First Round is a venture capital firm that specializes in providing seed-stage funding to technology companies.

A Simple, Secure, Software Platform to Connect Smart IoT Devices to All Intelligent Voice Assistants.

Home IoT Platform to protect your home and privacy.

SmartAll Creates A New Life Style Without Your Control, But Control Everything SmartAll is an IoT company about smart home.

ORRO’s smart light switch increases property values, lowers energy expenses for a better living experience for homeowners and renters.

Essential is a mobile and home devices company focused on creating consumer technology products for the 21st century.

Alfred is a mobile app turning smartphones into surveillance cameras.

Bumblebee Spaces creates a new way to live by thinking about space in cubic feet instead of square feet.

What Did Attendees Have To Say About The Program?

Thank you SVIC for this great week. I like to be the part of the program and the group. The program was very intense and impressive: great speakers and good choice of companies. For me, it was a really successful week.
Marcel Haert
Head of Digital Transformation, KPMG, Switzerland
Thank you so much for an excellent program and successful immersion experience with SVIC. We were pleasantly surprised with what we were able to achieve and what we are going to achieve. The program was very well structured, and the choice of organizations from Silicon Valley was very well thought through. Thank you.
Nelson Gasparian
Commercial Director at Bexs Banco de Câmbio, Brazil
This week with Silicon Valley Innovation Center was a real experience. A great mix between academic and real world lessons. We have a lot of opportunities for networking with people from different companies and get a lot of tools and new methodology that you can apply in your organization.
Ciro Perez
President of Change Americas, Colombia

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