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A Comprehensive Silicon Valley 5-day Education Program for Real Estate Executives

Available Online and In Person

April 22 – 26, 2024

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What is this Program about?

This executive program Takes a Deep Dive into the digital trends and emerging technologies that are reshaping the real estate industry. It provides a unique opportunity to immerse yourself into the silicon valley ecosystem and hear directly from the innovators building the new products and services that are reimagining every aspect of property.

As with all of our executive immersion programs, navigating real estate disruption is available both online and in person.

What Will I Learn?

Digitization Of Real Estate

Learn how digitization of real estate is shaping the future and accelerating the adoption of new technologies. Learn about the factors driving the change. Figure out the major challenges the real estate industry needs to overcome in order to accelerate digital transformation and catch up with other sectors.

Real Estate Fintech

Learn about tech innovations in financial transactions, loans and banking processes that are radically changing real estate. Find out how blockchain could transform the way we buy and sell property.

Marketing to an Empowered Customer

Your customers are your assets, your customer data is as valuable as your real estate assets. Learn how to pivot your strategy to represent the customer rather than the supplier so that you don’t lose value to nimbler, technology-first firms.

New business models

Crowdfunding, house hacking, short-term rentals and turn-key property platforms are just a few of the new business and pricing models that are created by the brave new world of the sharing economy. Learn about their impact on real estate investment and management and understand how they can be leveraged in your business.

Program Agenda

This schedule is tentative and features past speakers and participating companies.
Subject to change without prior notice

Day 1


The View From Silicon Valley
The real estate industry has been slow to embrace digital, but the tide is rapidly turning. No one is immune from the fast-growing and well-capitalized technology industry. New players and technologies are introduced to the real estate industry every day. Learn about Silicon Valley’s role in accelerating the digital revolution in the industry. Find out about latest trends and disruptive technologies driving real estate innovation today and their impact on your business.

Day 2


Disruptive Technological Innovations
Take a deep dive into the technologies reshaping the real estate industry: AR/VR, home automation, smart cities, IoT, Big Data, 3D video and more. Meet with prominent tech companies and discover practical applications of existing technologies. Discover how you can turn these technologies into business value.

Day 3


Transactions done digitally
Learn about tech innovations in financial transactions, loans and banking processes that are radically changing the real estate industry. Meet rapidly growing real estate companies and startups to learn first-hand how embracing fintech innovations can help tap into new sectors, gain access to new target groups and increase profitability. Find out how blockchain could transform the way we buy and sell real estate.

Day 4


Leveraging the digital ecosystem
Explore the business models most likely to revolutionise the real estate industry. Develop a visionary perspective and identify opportunities for future growth. Learn how to identify, define, validate and develop next generation business models and and how they will impact the way property is bought and sold.

Day 5


Best Practices of Corporate Innovation
Learn strategies and frameworks for successful corporate innovation from leading Silicon Valley companies. Hear from innovation leaders on how to create, maintain, and retain the right people and create a company culture that helps businesses launch game-changing innovations.

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Why Should I Join?


Meet with executives of the most innovative Silicon Valley companies to forge new business alliances.

Best Practices

Connect with Silicon Valley visionaries to share best practices of applying emerging technologies.


Discover what revolutionary ideas and technologies will challenge existing industries in the future.


Brainstorm how to turn your team into the agents of change for sustainable competitive advantage.


Witness the appeal of the world’s capital of innovation that attracts and retains best talents worldwide.

Company Meetings

Exclusive access to venture funds, accelerators, fast-growing companies and game-changing startups.

What Companies Will I Meet?

Air's mission is to make employees happier and companies more productive.

Google is a multinational corporation that is specialized in internet-related services and products.

Flex is the Sketch-to-Scale™ solutions provider that designs and builds intelligent products for a connected world.

Redfin provides real estate search and brokerage services through a combination of real estate web platforms and access to live agents.

Rentlytics is building the platform to transform the world’s real estate data into accessible information.

ZapLabs is a real estate technology company specializing in CRM, SEO, and SEM services.

Changing the mortgage industry from the ground up by offering homebuyers a straightforward path to home ownership and refinancing.

The Qualia platform transforms a real estate closing into a simple, secure, and delightful online experience.

Cisco develops, manufactures, and sells networking hardware, telecommunications equipment, and other high-technology services and products.

Matterport develops and operates cloud based platform

Zillow is an online real estate marketplace for finding and sharing information about homes, real estate, and mortgages.

A stock brokerage application that democratizes access to the financial markets.

Offers a modern, mobile and connected approach to banking that gives members complete control of their finances

Trulia is a home and neighborhood site for buyers and renters to find homes and neighborhoods across the United States.

Fastest growing consumer financial wellness company with exclusive focus on helping consumers manage their credit and loans better

We unite landlords and tenants in one closed-loop rental platform.

Lendsnap operates an online platform to find and share mortgage documents.

Roofstock is an online marketplace that invests in leased single-family rental homes in a transparent, low-friction method.

What People Say About Our Programs

I’ve learned so much in the last week. We’ve seen Google, Tesla and so many other companies. Each one had great insights. There’s a lot I can take from them and bring back to incorporate into my own business.
Greville Pabst
Executive Chairman, WBP Property Group, Australia
After a week here it’s been fantastic meeting speakers. They tickle those parts of your brain where its things you’ve always thought about but never had time to stop and think about properly. But these guys have been fantastic, they’ve definitely given us a different approach.
Salvatore Navarra
CEO, Chairman & Director, PFE S.p.A, Italy
Coming in person to Silicon Valley provided insights which would have been impossible to get anywhere else. It gives you a better, more tangible feel. We can take a lot of these key learnings, these real details and real life situations and try to synthesize that into something that would work for us.
Thai Van Linh
Head of Smart City Initiative

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