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Embracing HR disruption:
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A 5-day immersion program for executives

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What Is An Executive Immersion Program?

Human resources is undergoing profound transformation thanks to technology-driven disruption of the industry. A wave of innovative startups is enabling companies to address pain points in their human resources operations, with solutions appearing in everything from staff training and recruitment to scheduling, compensation and benefits management. Artificial intelligence, robotics, cloud computing and software as a service are just a few of the many technologies powering this digital revolution.

Our immersion program will educate you in all of these trends, connect you with the companies pioneering groundbreaking solutions and inspire you to turn your own company into a leading innovator capable of long-term growth.  

What Will I Learn?

Our immersion program will show you how, why and by whom HR is being disrupted. It will also teach you how to capitalize on the trends and technologies driving this digital transformation so that you can achieve innovation within your own organization. We cover topics such as:

Artificial Intelligence

Perhaps the most crucial technology for the future of HR, artificial intelligence is having an impact in a wide range of areas including recruiting, on-boarding and automation of routine tasks. Meet both the startups building artificial intelligence for HR and the companies using the technology to optimize their processes.


On-demand software platforms for HR is a fast growing sub-sector. These programs provide a range of functionality including payroll management, performance evaluation and application tracking. Our immersion program will show you how software-as-a-service is the bedrock of the digitization of HR.


Today work often gets done far from the office. That’s why mobile applications have become a huge growth market in all sectors, with HR no exception. Human resources professionals can now draw on applications for a range of purposes, from social networks for recruiting to platforms for mindfulness and mental health. You’ll learn about the diverse ecosystem of services now available on-the-go and see how they are changing the present and the future of HR.

Cloud Computing

More and more HR systems are migrating to the cloud, allowing for efficient storage and retrieval of centralized information. What’s more, the technology is driving the cultural shift that is at the heart of the digital transformation of HR. Join our immersion program to see how innovation leaders are using the cloud to reimagine their human resources operations.

Program Agenda

This schedule is tentative and features past speakers and participating companies.
Subject to change without prior notice

Day 1

The Digital
Disruption of HR

How is HR changing under the influence of digital technologies and where is this journey taking us? Why is the digital revolution happening now and what are the forces driving its expansion? These are the questions we answer on day 1 of our immersion program Innovation in Human Resources: Digital Transformation and Emerging Technologies” We explain how startups have capitalized on industry trends, new technologies and the ready availability of venture funding to create companies pioneering disruptive innovations. We visit companies such as: Gustoa cloud-based payroll, benefits, and human resource management system; Modern Health, a mental well-being platform designed to help reduce employee burnout and turnover; and Workramp, developers of software that enables enterprises to build staff training programs. Other possible participating companies: HomebaseBlueCrewHiredHandshakeReflektive

Day 2

Exploring Market Niches

The journey continues on day two with an exploration of the limits of the disruption to HR as they exist today. How many areas are seeing radical change? What is the nature of this change and how fast is it moving? We answer these questions through visits to startups operating in a wide range of niches. Potential meetings include: Trusted Health, a digital employment platform for nurses, Jobvitemakers of analytics-driven recruiting software, and, developers of an interview logistics platform powered by artificial intelligence. Other possible participating companies: HumuEnvoyWorkstepPeopleGroveThinkHR

Day 3

Emerging Technologies

Day three of the immersion program is dedicated to the technologies fueling the disruption of HR. We hear from experts in artificial intelligence, mobile, cloud computing and software-as-a-service to learn what these technologies can currently do and what they will offer in the future. We visit companies such as Myra Systems, makers of a conversational AI bot for hiring teams, Ripplinga cloud-based HR management suite, and Levera collaborative talent acquisition platform. We see how these companies use emerging technologies to create competitive advantages and provide innovative, market-disrupting products and services.    Other possible participating companies: ClearCompanyDynamic SignalTriNetTripleByteCarrot Fertility

Day 4

Innovation for HR

Having seen and heard how digital is disrupting HR on days 1 to 3, on day 4 of our immersion program we challenge attendees to turn words into action. Participatory workshops with leading Silicon Valley experts on design thinkingdesign sprintsventure capital and open innovation provide executives with the blueprints and frameworks they need to deliver innovation within their own organization. We analyze how legacy corporations are adapting their HR operations for digital and survey their success in collaborating with the startup ecosystem. We visit companies such as Workday and SurveyMonkey, two Silicon Valley ventures now with long histories of working with traditional companies to digitize their operations.  Other potential meetings include the big tech companies such as AmazonGoogleApple and Oracle to see what role they are playing in the digital disruption of HR, and learn how they maintain cultures of continuous innovation. Other possible participating companies: FondEaseSaplingGuideSparkZugata

Day 5

The Future of HR

What’s next for the digital disruption of HR? Day 5 brings the program to a close with its sights firmly set on the future. We learn about trends still in their infancy and meet the companies seeking to capitalize on those trends. Possible visits include: Ziprecruiter, an AI-driven online employment marketplace; Aptology, a job-matching engine utilizing behavioral science and predictive analytics; and Braintrusta blockchain-powered freelancer marketplace. As trends such as robotic process automation and data-driven decision-making continue to gain traction, we ask: what do these developments mean for HR and how will they manifest themselves in the coming years? We answer these and other pressing questions as we find out which areas of HR will be disrupted next by emerging technologies. Other possible participating companies: Newton LabsAnsaroLEADCompassCodela

Download Full Sample Agenda

Why Should I Join?


Meet the Silicon Valley innovators passionate about using the latest technologies to create new value. Learn the frameworks and methodologies of the experts and embrace innovation with confidence.

Long-term value

Apply newly learned innovation skills to your own company to ensure its survival and prosperity in times of technological disruption.


Turn motivation and knowledge into concrete actions with the business development opportunities that make an established business a world-class innovator.   

Technology insights

See the disruptive power of the latest technologies and learn how they are being applied to solve humanity’s greatest challenges.


Gain insight into the digital disruption of HR and see how startups are applying emerging technologies to reimagine the world of work.

New perspectives

Challenge your thinking on what it means to run an enterprise in the 21st century. Make innovation part of your personal mission and commit to the future of your business.

What Companies Will I Meet?

Modern Health is an mental well-being platform for innovative companies that want to reduce burnout and prevent turnover.

Gusto provides a cloud-based payroll, benefits, and human resource management solution for businesses.

Handshake is a career network and recruiting platform for college students and alumni.

Reflektive is the first people management platform that helps managers and employees work better together. #NoBadManagers

Jobvite offers a comprehensive and analytics-driven recruiting platform.

HomeBase is a home improvement and garden retailer.

Trusted Health is a digital employment platform for nurses that allows them to connect with flexible job opportunities.

Humu is a human resource company that makes work better through science and machine learning.

Connect every student and professional with the mentors, advisers and network needed to realize their full potential.

DoorDash enables small businesses to provide its customers with local delivery services.

WorkStep is a job network for hourly workers. We enable better career outcomes by providing a transparent and efficient labor marketplace.

ClearCompany is a talent management software provider.

The modern, collaborative recruiting platform that powers a more human approach to hiring

Dynamic Signal is your Employee Communication and Engagement Platform

Fond is a SaaS platform that makes it easy to manage rewards and recognition programs.

SurveyMonkey is a survey company which powers curious organizations to measure and act on the opinions that drive success.

Amazon is an international e-commerce website for consumers, sellers, and content creators.

Workday provides SaaS-based enterprise solutions for a company's human resources and financial management activities.

Aptology combines behavioral science and predictive analytics to match people to job positions, maximizing their chances of success.

ZeroCater is a provider of office meals and snacks, bringing employees together to build culture and foster community.

TriNet provides HR solutions to small to mid-sized businesses so you can focus on what your company does best.

Triplebyte is a recruiting and technical screening platform for tech companies.

ThinkHR offers human expertise and technology to provide companies with HR compliance and best practices advice.

GoodTime uses employee data to schedule interviews faster and cheaper for enterprises

A data-driven, mobile staffing platform focused on blue collar positions

GuideSpark, the leader in employee communication with 600 customers, offers solutions to activate employees and drive HR program adoption.

Sapling is a new kind of HR platform for mid-market companies.

A cloud-based workforce solution that helps businesses connect with and manage their freelance workforce all in one place.

Google is a multinational corporation that is specialized in internet-related services and products.

IBM is an IT technology and consulting firm providing computer hardware, software, and infrastructure and hosting services.

Farm Hill provides a fresh and healthy meal delivery service.

ZipRecruiter is an online employment marketplace, connecting millions of employers and job seekers through mobile and email services.

Improve all hiring and workforce decisions with data-driven insights

Cisco develops, manufactures, and sells networking hardware, telecommunications equipment, and other high-technology services and products.

Hired is a career marketplace that matches tech talent with innovative companies.

What Did Attendees Have To Say About The Program?

The experience of being here in SV, of visiting companies from different industries, with a mentality of abundance, a mindset with a collaborative culture, really helps you to open up the worldwide view that you can have of how to approach certain things, in your collaboration with your customers, your collaborators, your partners. We have had a fantastic day, from the topics of how algorithms work, AI, state of the art, the importance of generating innovation within industries, which is the complexity that large companies have in innovating. We also had a great ending, with a very nice company that has created a model that fascinated us that is 1: 1: 1, Salesforce, of how its employees spend 1% of volunteering for social issues, 1% of the income of the company for scholarships, and the other 1% for social projects. So we’ve seen a mix of culture methodologies that if you do not visit Silicon Valley, you could not understand it.
Eduardo Jurado
General Director, Semgroup, Ecuado
I have come here to Silicon Valley Innovation Center to have a look forward and see what is coming. I have enjoy getting to know how is it here and being able to build up this relationship, whether it was HP or Upwork: each experience has felt personal and has felt like it’s curated to maximize of what we were looking for in case of research. It’s really up to you to define what you want this experience to be. I recommend this experience highly enough and looking forward to coming back.
Katherine Boiciuc
Director Business Capability GES at Telstra, Australia
We’re here today bringing along some inspiring innovative leaders to Silicon Valley to get them to get an experience of and help and networking around, and how to make the best decisions within their organizations as entrepreneurs. There were some great takeouts and some really great examples of how to navigate organizations over the next 2-3 years.
Daren Wells
COO of Talent International, UK

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