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Future of Energy

An immersive 5-day experience for executives

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Apr 22 - Apr 26, 2024

What Is The Program About?

The digitization of energy is well underway with a wave of startups leveraging emerging technologies to create a greener, cleaner planet and move our economies away from fossil fuels. Advances in batteries and other energy storage solutions, renewables, nanomaterials and data analytics, meanwhile, all have a role to play in the energy mix of the future.

Our immersion program will educate you in all of these trends, connect you with the companies pioneering groundbreaking solutions and inspire you to turn your own company into a leading innovator capable of long-term growth.

Energy startup innovation map

What Will I Learn?

Our immersion program is made up of sessions with leading companies operating at the forefront of major trends in the energy space such as:


Cleantech encompasses a wide range of technologies and practices, all designed to boost energy efficiency with minimal environmental impact. Bloom Energy, with over $800 million raised in venture capital, offers on-site power generation systems that can use a wide variety of inputs to generate electricity. Flow Laboratories is automating and digitizing water data collection and reporting to create smarter buildings while Cobalt Technologies is developing technology for the next generation of biofuels.


Among the biggest sources of new, clean energy, solar power is an area of diverse innovation activity deserving of closer study in its own right. SolarCity is among the leaders in this vertical, providing solar energy services to homeowners, businesses, government, and non-profits. SunPower, a manufacturer of high-performance solar electric systems, is another recognised name in the space. Aurora Solar, meanwhile, is taking solar energy in more tech-focused direction by developing cloud-based software for the solar industry.

Renewable Energy

The renewable energy sector as a whole is moving toward a more technology-enabled future, with startups such as Juix, a shared economy platform for portable power banks. Planet OS, meanwhile, is delivering digitization through its big data infrastructure for renewable energy companies while Ubiquitous Energy is building and commercializing its proprietary technology to make any surface capable of converting ambient light into useful electricity.

Clean Energy

Stretching across the spectrum from consumer goods to heavy industry, the clean energy subsector includes organizations such as Potter Drilling, a drilling technology developer that enables clean energy solutions such as geothermal systems. Agilewaves, meanwhile, is an energy monitoring, automation and management platform run by former NASA scientists, while Clean Wave Technologies is developing electric drive systems for electric and hybrid electric vehicles.

Energy Efficiency

Companies in this category of the energy industry are developing products and services to get more out of the resources we currently use. Startups in this space include eMeter, a developer of energy efficiency software and integration services, SuVolta, makers of semiconductors that reduce the power consumption of integrated circuits, and Bidgely, an analytics platform for energy monitoring and management.


The greentech movement is growing fast in response to ever greater concern at the global level over phenomena such as global warming and climate change. Companies in this category include Iron Ox, a developer of robotic greenhouses for better farm produce, Arlitix, a precision agtech company and pioneer in autonomous, drone-based crop management, and Oakbio, which is using proprietary technology to transform carbon emissions into high-value products.

Program Agenda

This schedule is tentative and features past speakers and participating companies.
Subject to change without prior notice

Day 1

The Digital
Disruption of Energy

How is the energy sector going digital and where is this journey taking us? Why is it exploding now and what are the forces driving its expansion? These are the questions we answer on day 1 of our immersion program on The Future of Energy. We explain how entrepreneurs are capitalizing on the emergence of new technologies and trends to build a cleaner, greener future less reliant on fossil fuels. We meet companies such as Acre Homesbuilders of zero-energy connected homes; Sunpreme, developers of photovoltaic cells and panels; and Natron Energy, a company building a new type of battery for industry. Other possible participating companies: TrolysisEfuelCassattMicrovi BiotechnologiesHadera

Day 2

Exploiting Market Niches

The journey continues on day two with an exploration of the limits of the disruption to the energy sector as they exist today. How many areas are seeing radical change? What is the nature of this change and how fast is it moving? We answer these questions through visits to startups operating in a wide range of niches. Possible visits include Tachyus, a technology platform for the oil and gas industry, Bloom Energymakers of an on-site power generation system, and Pricelock, an online platform for the buying and selling of energy-related products via auctions and direct listings. Other potential participating companies: Serious EnergyScifinitiUltra Solar TechnologyQuantumscape

Day 3

Emerging Technologies
for Energy

Day three of the immersion program is dedicated to the technologies fueling the disruption of the energy sector. We hear from experts in artificial intelligence and machine learningroboticsblockchain and internet of things to learn what these technologies can currently do and what they will offer in the future. We visit companies such as Greenvity CommunicationsV5 Systems and Davra to see how they use emerging technologies to create competitive advantages and provide innovative, market-disrupting products and services.     Other possible participating companies: FueltimeBiofuelboxBrite SolarOptonyPlanet OSBurq Solutions

Day 4

Corporate Innovation
in Energy

Having seen and heard how digital is disrupting the retail industry on days 1 to 3, on day 4 of our immersion program we challenge attendees to turn words into action. Participatory workshops with leading Silicon Valley experts on design thinkingdesign sprintsventure capital and open innovation provide executives with the blueprints and frameworks they need to deliver innovation within their own organization. We analyze how governments and legacy companies are reacting to demands for a carbon-neutral future and look at the steps they are taking to reach that goal in collaboration with the startup ecosystem. We visit big tech companies such as AmazonGoogle and Apple to see what role they will play in the energy industry and learn how they maintain cultures of constant innovation. Other possible participating companies: Ventana EcogreenEvrusRidecellSunPodsLumenirUS Renewables

Day 5

The Future of Energy

What’s next for the digital disruption of energy? Day 5 brings the program to a close with its sights firmly set on the future. We learn about trends still in their infancy and meet the companies seeking to capitalize on those trends. Possible visits include Solpro, to see the future of portable solar power generation, and Caban Systemsmakers of modular energy storage solutions run by software and machine learning algorithms. Will our homes one day be powered exclusively by clean energy? Could artificial intelligence guide our energy usage and drive efficiency gains? We discuss these and other pressing questions and find out which areas of the energy industry will be reimagined next thanks to emerging technologies. Other possible participating companies: Reylabs, Hyve SolutionsCyantoDomaticEncoredEtagen

Download Full Sample Agenda

Why Should I Join?


Meet the Silicon Valley innovators passionate about using the latest technologies to create new value. Learn the frameworks and methodologies of the experts and embrace innovation with confidence.

Long-term value

Apply newly learned innovation skills to your own company to ensure its survival and prosperity in times of technological disruption.


Turn motivation and knowledge into concrete actions with the business development opportunities that make an established business a world-class innovator.

Technology insights

See the disruptive power of the latest technologies and learn how they are being applied to solve humanity’s greatest challenges.


Gain insight into the digital disruption of the energy sector and see how startups are applying emerging technologies to redesign where and how we power our economies.

New perspectives

Challenge your thinking on what it means to run an enterprise in the 21st century. Make innovation part of your personal mission and commit to the future of your business.

What Companies Will I Meet?

Bloom Energy offers on-site power generation systems that can use a wide variety of inputs to generate electricity.

Bringing real-time water insights to commercial buildings

Cobalt Technologies develops, produces, and commercializes biofuel production technologies.

Aurora Solar develops solar industry software.

Potter Drilling, Inc. develops technology for drilling in crystalline hard rock environments.

SolarCity provides solar energy services to homeowners, businesses, government, and non-profit organizations.

Clean Wave Technologies develops electric drive systems for clean-powered vehicles.

SunPower Corporation delivers high-performance solar electric systems worldwide for residential, commercial and utility-scale customers.

Bidgely develops an energy monitoring and management solution for eco-friendly energy saving.

Iron Ox develops robotic farms for better produce, everywhere.

Davras' IoT Platform provides organizations with a flexible, secure and integrated platform to fully leverage current and future IoT deployments.

Smart parking monitoring and management system which is easy to install and at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions

Serious Energy sells, manufacturers and delivers acoustical and thermal solutions to the “built environment” through its iWindow brand.

BioFuelBox Corporation is an alternative energy company providing modular bio-refineries for converting waste materials into biodiesel.

Cassat provides software solutions and technologies for operating green data centers.

Tachyus develops a technology platform to optimize energy production for the oil and gas industry.

SuVolta develops and licenses CMOS semiconductor technologies that reduce the power consumption of integrated circuits.

Fueltime is a mobile gas station that help drivers and companies by having gasoline delivery directly into the tank by using a smartphone.

Natron Energy is an early-stage start up company based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Supreme is a skateboarding shop and clothing brand established in New York City in April 1994.

Eco Green Auto Clean manufactures and distributes auto cleaning technologies to its clients.

Airlitix is a precision AgTech company specializing in autonomous, indoor, drone technology for greenhouse management.

Oakbio creates technologies that transform carbon emissions from harmful waste into high value products.

Powering the Future - Turn Aluminum and Water into Hydrogen and Electricity

EFUEL offers home-based ethanol production system that makes gas from sugar or stale beer.

Pricelock is an online platform for buying and selling oil, gas, power, coal, and other energy-related products via auctions and listings.

Solpro is a Consumer Cleantech company whose products charge wherever there is light, providing ease and convenience for consumers, all while using state-of-the-art solar technology.

Ultrasolar technology is a stealth mode company that develops solar cells, which utilize the wasted solar energy.

A better energy storage solution.

Greenvity Communications is a system and solution provider for the IoT with the patented hybrid technology.

Developer of World’s first Self-Powered Outdoor Security and Computing Platform for the Industrial IoT

Brite Solar is a nanomaterials company utilizing innovative materials and deposition techniques to deliver a new class of glass materials.

Optony is a California-based commercial scale solar research, technology and consulting firm.

EVRUS' s goal is to develop advanced electric vehicle fast charging stations.

Energy monitoring management systems

What Did Attendees Have To Say About The Program?

I just wanted to thank SVIC for all of the effort and organization that you put into the executive program. It was absolutely wonderful and truly inspiring to be a part of the group, get acquainted with the business culture of Silicon Valley and visit top Silicon Valley companies.
Chaiwat Kovavisarach
President & CEO, Bangchak, Thailand
Thank you SVIC team for the opportunity to be part of the Leading Digital Transformation.  It was quite intense and exciting program. All speakers (startups, VCs, accelerators, and corporate innovation labs) were excellent presenters with real practical knowledge.
Igor Protasov
Client Service Director, Mail.Ru Group, Russia
The Brazilian team was delighted with the visits to Silicon Valley companies. We were particularly interested in the presentation made at the Silicon Valley Innovation Center about Tesla and the Energy subject. Thank you SVIC for your support during our visit.
Renato Sarzano
Managing Director, Continental Tires, Brazil

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