Digital Leader:
Skills & Tools for Successful
Career Growth

Latest technologies, personal digital adaptability and most innovative managerial practices from Silicon Valley executives.

7 – 31 July, 2020
21 online sessions
Live Q&A and feedback from experts

Develop end-to-end toolkit for skyrocketing your career in the digital age

Join our distance-learning program to become an expert in 6 critical areas for thriving in the modern world. Delivered by top Silicon Valley practitioners, who perfected exponential growth:

Technology-Enabled Productivity

Accomplish more with less time & effort. Master newest tools, technologies & best practices of automation and delegation without losing control.

New-Age Management

Improve your ability to lead distributed teams and multifaceted projects. Discover solutions, use-cases & communication tactics of tomorrow's managers.

Personal Branding

Expand your reach to clients, partners & employers. Get useful templates, examples & recommended services.

Innovation and Adaptability

Stay ahead of others by positvely transforming yourself and your organization. Build personal framework for adapting innovaiton .

Data and Analytics

Make better decisions & discover insights without technical overhead. Learn approaches, tools and applications

Financial Success

Multiply your wealth by investing, career planning and side engagements. Create toolset, strategies and roadmaps that fit your goals.

Get immediate benefits for your career:

Comprehensive overview
of latest trends

Get a clear picture of major technologies, digital skills, innovative practices and latest developments that are in the most demand for current leaders.

Going Forward

Discover and connect with Silicon Valley insiders that will challenge, inspire and equip you with roadmap to stay current in the years to come.

Impactful Skills and

Master the modern virtual ecosystem to lead yourself and your organization to the extrordinary results and long-term success in the age of digital disruption

Our Program is designed for
busy professionals

Flexible, action-packed learning approach that will let you grow
without cannibalizing your day-to-day performance

3 weeks to complete

Go through presentations, materials and discuss with peers

3 weeks to complete

Leave ample time to go on with your regular life

3 weeks to complete

Get a verifiable knowledge and strengthen your resume

Our Experts are experienced
business leaders

They are working and have succeeded at big tech companies and small startups,
all in hyper-competitive industry settings.

Sonika Chandra

Western Union, Vice President, Head of Strategic Partnerships & Business

Sean Chai

Johnson & Johnson, Global head of Innovation Center of Excellence

Vinny Ligham

Co-founder & CEO of

Adam Draper

Founder and Managing Director of Boost VC

Houman Haghighi

Partner, Menlo Ventures

Boris Pluskowski

Managing Director, Silicon Valley Bank

Mike Sigal

Founder, 500 Startups

Stephen DeWitt

Chief Strategy Officer, Automation Anywhere

Steve Polsky

Founder & CEO, Juvo

Tracy Cote

Chief People Officer, Zenefits

Richard Hua

Emotional Intelligence Champion, Amazon

Zoe Harte

Head of Human Resources and Talent Innovation, Upwork

Our Program is designed for
busy professionals

Flexible, action-packed learning approach that will let you grow
without cannibalizing your day-to-day performance

Experienced Manager

Discover what are the newest tools and skills you need for continued success and how to future proof your career

Established Professional

Increase your professional value and unlock new opportunities by adopting battle-tested practices and latest trends

Aspiring Entreprneurs

Learn most relevant approaches to being an exceptional business owner and equip yourself with technology for success

The secret sauce of Silicon Valley is its people.

Learn from them on how to be disruption-proof and why many managers will become obsolete in the next decade.

Discover & master the most valuable tools and technologies

We will hand you the most compact, tangible, and actionable items for boosting your career in the digital age.

Module 1


Develop a framework to identify and evaluate current & future digital trends. Build your own approach for knowledge and skills acquisition. Calculate capital and time expenditures and associated returns on personal development.

Learn how to:

  • – Discover and monitor disruption and innovation in your field.
  • – Predict and adapt to the changing environment.
  • – Use digtial tools for personal growth.

Sessions led by:

Module 2


Discover emerging technologies and methods for improving your personal capacity. Learn the differences, limitations and how to select most appropriate for your situation and task. Get automation templates and roadmap to agile and lean self-management.

Learn how to:

  • – Use most innovative tools for personal operations.
  • – Automate and track your workload.
  • – Be more productive with aid of digital tools.

Sessions led by:

Module 3


Master rules and tools for modern delegation for distributed and multigenerational workforce. Find IT solutions for control and visualization of common efforts. Get to know how to become a thought leader and what digital tools exist for stimulating and engaging your team.

Learn how to:

  • – Delegate work without losing control or quality.
  • – Use big data tools to engage and empower employees.
  • – Leverage AI & ML for hiring and retaining the best talent.

Sessions led by:

Module 4


Define your pesonal brand for expanding career and business opportunities. Practice personal marketing tools and strategies. Get playbook for building online presence and working with various media outlets. Communicate on the scale without losing personal touch.

Learn how to:

  • – Form your public image to influence others.
  • – Use social media and technology tools to reach new audience.
  • – Capitalize on the strengthening personal brand.

Sessions led by:

Module 5


Achieve better results by intelligent and technology-based outsourcing. Use budget-saving tools and technologies for experimentation, scaling and delivery. Create your personal support network and manage it with minimum effort.

Learn how to:

  • – Effectively use technology solutions to outsource work.
  • – Find and leverage tools for growth with limited resources.
  • – Free yourself of mundane and time-consuming tasks.

Sessions led by:

Module 6


Choose the analytic system for a given task and orchestrate data collection. Build a system of metrics that speaks to you for making business decisions. Create interactive dashboards for visualization, report generation and analytics.

Learn how to:

  • – Make decisions based on the objective data.
  • – Interpret information for your own benefit.
  • – Save time on visualization and report generation.

Sessions led by:

Module 7


Create and harvest new career opportunities for digital-native managers. Invest in various assets with ease and stable results. Use fintech products for your advantage. Supplement your income with external engagements.

Learn how to:

  • – Leverage your new skills to increase your income.
  • – Invest and use financial products for your advantage.
  • – Create active and passive income sources from your expertise.

Sessions led by:

We are connecting Silicon Valley with
the global business

Our business is transforming innovation into tangible value for individuals,
teams and organizations.

What Our Past Clients Had to Say

I’ve learned so much in the last week. We’ve seen Google, Tesla and so many other companies. Each one had great insights. There’s a lot I can take from them and bring back to incorporate into my own business.
Greville Pabst
Executive Chairman, WBP Property Group, Australia
Companies here are so open to sharing information. Companies would sit down with us and say literally, ‘How can we help you? How can we help you achieve your goals?
Randy Richmond
VP of Lending, Catholic Credit Union
The program made by SVIC was a great experience. We read about Silicon Valley, we hear about innovation challenge, speed, disruption, and when you come here and see the real ideas, the real innovation, and real people, it validates everything. You leave with a sense of being a part of something to go forward and make changes in your company with confidence.
Justin Ferrabee
COO at Payments Canada, Canada

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