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What Is An Online Immersion Program?

This online executive program takes a deep dive into the digital trends and emerging technologies that are reshaping the real estate industry. It provides a unique opportunity to immerse yourself into the silicon valley ecosystem and hear directly from the innovators building the new products and services that are reimagining every aspect of property.

What Will I Learn?

Digitization Of Real Estate

Learn how digitization of real estate is shaping the future and accelerating the adoption of new technologies. Learn about the factors driving the change. Figure out the major challenges the real estate industry needs to overcome in order to accelerate digital transformation and catch up with other sectors.

Real Estate Fintech

Learn about tech innovations in financial transactions, loans and banking processes that are radically changing real estate. Find out how blockchain could transform the way we buy and sell property.

Marketing to an Empowered Customer

Your customers are your assets, your customer data is as valuable as your real estate assets. Learn how to pivot your strategy to represent the customer rather than the supplier so that you don’t lose value to nimbler, technology-first firms.

New Business Models

Crowdfunding, house hacking, short-term rentals and turn-key property platforms are just a few of the new business and pricing models that are created by the brave new world of the sharing economy. Learn about their impact on real estate investment and management and understand how they can be leveraged in your business.

Program Agenda

Get the direct access to the most transformative technologies that will help you lead your organization through turbulent time:

Theme 1


Session 1: Disrupting Home Buying, Selling and Search

A new breed of real estate companies is digitizing how we search for, buy, and sell a property. These innovators are using machine-learning algorithms, web platforms with extensive search functionality, and personalized online and mobile applications. With these tools, they are able to match home buyers and sellers more efficiently than ever before. In this session participants will learn about this digital transformation of property search, sales, and purchase as they meet a leading innovator in the sector.

Session 2: The Digital Transformation Property Rental

A fresh batch of digital-first companies is doing away with the paper forms, phone calls, and bureaucratic processes that once characterized the rental sector. These businesses are on a mission to bring simplicity, transparency, and convenience to the process. They use seamless mobile and desktop experiences, artificial intelligence and new business models to offer tenants and landlords a streamlined digital alternative to traditional ways of renting property. In this session, participants will learn about this revolution in rental property as they meet a company leading the disruption of the industry.

Session 3: Digital, Data-Driven Real Estate Investment

Property is not just for those searching for a home; it is also a destination for investment capital. For those putting their money into property, a wave of tech companies stands ready to assist. These innovative ventures have created online, data-driven platforms that bring simplicity and clarity to investment in real estate.  This session will take participants on a deep dive into the present and future of property investment. It will connect them with one of the new waves of digital-first companies seeking to transform the sector.

Session 4: Digital Tools for Landlords

Innovation has also come to the world of property management, with a new set of digital platforms designed specifically to meet the needs of landlords. In this session, participants will meet a company building just such a platform as they learn how digital offers property owners benefits such as guaranteed rental income, machine-learning-powered rent optimization, and AI to automate tenant screening.

Sessions led by:

Theme 2


Session 1: The Digitization of the Mortgage Market

A buyer may have found their dream home but after the search comes to the next step: raising the finance to close the deal. Obtaining a mortgage is traditionally a paper-heavy process involving complex coordination between multiple parties, but that is all changing. A wave of technology-driven, innovative companies are committed to making the home loan experience fast, flexible, and transparent. In this session, participants will meet one of these companies as they learn how digitization is reshaping the mortgage market. 

Session 2: New Models To Access Home Equity

Using property as security against a loan is an age-old business but the way that business is carried out is undergoing a transformation. Tech companies in Silicon Valley have come up with new models for home equity finance. These new approaches prize convenience and customer-centricity in a bid to shake up the debt financing status quo. In this session, attendees will hear first-hand from a disruptor in the market for home equity financing.

Session 3: Disrupting Traditional Notions of Ownership

What does it mean to own a home? The answer to that question is itself undergoing innovation, just as digital technologies disrupt the real estate industry. A new wave of companies is redefining how homes can be bought, completely disrupting traditional notions of ownership. In this session, participants will meet and hear from one of the companies pioneering new models of home acquisition.

Session 4: Redefining Real Estate Transactions with Emerging Technologies

Companies leading innovation in real estate transactions have brought together domain experts, software engineers, and user experience gurus to build platforms that streamline the process of closing property deals. These digital tools use emerging technologies such as blockchain and machine learning to cut friction out of the transaction process, reduce fraud, and facilitate collaboration between parties. In this session, participants learn how these changes are defining the future of real estate transactions as they hear from a company engaged in transforming the sector.

Sessions led by:

Theme 3


Session 1: Beyond Airbnb: Innovation in Vacation Rentals

It began with Airbnb more than a decade ago but since then the market for vacation rentals has grown substantially. Today, we see companies using automation and AI to provide travelers with an ever more streamlined, personalized experience. In this session, participants will learn about the continuing digitization of the vacation rentals sector and connect with a company driving innovation in the space.

Session 2: How AI and Predictive Analytics are Disrupting Business Accommodation

The digital transformation of accommodation rental may have started in the tourist market but the business travel sector is rapidly catching up. Today we see entrepreneurs building platforms highly customized to the needs of corporates.  These early-stage ventures deploy include AI and predictive analytics to streamline and automate the accommodation booking process. In this session, participants connect with a disruptor in the market for business travel accommodation to hear what the future of the sector will look like.

Session 3: Digital Platforms for Co-Living

The spread of online platforms and mobile devices have made it easier than ever before to connect with more people in more places. Emerging from this trend is the rise in companies offering co-living accommodation. While some of these ventures own and manage properties themselves, others maintain marketplaces to connect individuals to properties available through private landlords. In this session, participants will learn about co-living’s role in the future of real estate as they meet a company at the forefront of this trend.

Session 4: Co-Working and Office Space: Real Estate Trends Driven By Technology

In tandem with the rise in co-living, co-working has become a major driver of value in the real estate space in recent years. A wave of tech companies in Silicon Valley has emerged to capitalize on and drive, this trend. They offer office space on-demand, radically simplifying a process that once relied on the need for long-term leases and costly, time-consuming searches. In this session, participants will connect to an innovator in co-working as they find out what the trend promises for the future of the property.

Sessions led by:

Theme 4


Session 1: The Digital Revolution in Construction

The way we build is undergoing a major digital revamp. In Silicon Valley, this transformation of construction is clear to see, with many companies seeking to disrupt the sector’s traditional products and processes. The implications for the real estate industry are significant; in this session, participants will take a deep dive into the digital transformation of construction with a company leading the field. 

Session 2: Smart Homes and Offices with IoT

Millions of homes and offices are already “smart” and millions more will soon also carry that label. The spread of internet-connected devices and appliances is a trend within real estate that is only growing. As this network expands, consumer expectations rise too, as do the demands placed on property owners and developers for regulatory compliance and cybersecurity. In this session, participants will learn about this present and future of the smart home sector as they connect with one of its leading innovators.

Session 3: Innovation in Real Estate Cleantech

With global awareness on the rise over the need to protect our environment, the entrepreneurs of Silicon Valley are rising to the challenge. Companies in the Bay Area are pioneering innovation in areas such as energy generation and carbon emission reduction. The implications for real estate are profound, with homes and offices on the front line of this cleantech revolution. In this session, participants will meet and learn from one of the companies leading disruption in the space where energy meets real estate.

Session 4: Property Servicing and Maintenance Goes Digital

A fresh batch of technology-led companies is making home and workplace maintenance as easy as a few taps on a smartphone. These innovators offer subscription-based cleaning and appliance repair, space optimization, and IT support to name just a few services. In this session, participants will learn about the digital revolution taking place in property maintenance directly from a company leading the transformation.

Sessions led by:

Theme 5


Session 1: Where Property Meets Insurtech

The way risk is measured and insured in real estate is changing rapidly thanks to insurtechs. These innovative companies are leveraging emerging technologies such as AI, ML, and computer vision to offer a data-driven approach that promises greater accuracy and automation. In this session, attendees will take a deep dive into the future of property insurance as they meet one of the companies disrupting the sector.

Session 2: Driving Efficiency and Automation in Real Estate with Data

Breaking down silos, increasing efficiency and automation, and bringing clarity to property transactions: these are the goals of a new batch of data analytics companies. These businesses are targeting commercial and residential property owners and managers. Their platforms include features such as search and data visualization to allow users to spot trends and extract actionable insights. In this session, participants will get acquainted with this data-driven future of the property as they connect with a data analytics innovator. 

Session 3: Apps and Platforms for Digital Payments

Across the economy, today payments are increasingly digital. The real estate sector is no exception, with a number of tech companies offering property owners and managers software-based tools to manage their finances. Receiving rent payments from tenants, paying contractors, and closing new deals are all now possible through online platforms and smartphone apps. In this session, attendees will meet a leading digital player as they learn how innovation in payments is changing the nature of real estate transactions.

Session 4: The Platformification of Real Estate

The story of innovation in the real estate industry is a story of platforms. Companies such as Airbnb pioneered the platform business model but in the decade since then, platforms have spread to all sectors of the property industry. Today entrepreneurs are harnessing technologies such as AI and mobile to bring together ever greater numbers of buyers and sellers, tenants and landlords, or borrowers and investors. In this session, participants will learn how platforms are transforming real estate as they meet a company utilizing the business model to disrupt the industry. 

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What Companies Will Participate?

Get your answers and action plan from most impactful companies in Silicon Valley:

Air's mission is to make employees happier and companies more productive.

Google is a multinational corporation that is specialized in internet-related services and products.

HomeLight helps people on making smart decisions in buying or selling their home.

Redfin provides real estate search and brokerage services through a combination of real estate web platforms and access to live agents.

Rentlytics is building the platform to transform the world’s real estate data into accessible information.

ZapLabs is a real estate technology company specializing in CRM, SEO, and SEM services.

Changing the mortgage industry from the ground up by offering homebuyers a straightforward path to home ownership and refinancing.

The Qualia platform transforms a real estate closing into a simple, secure, and delightful online experience.

Landed provides financing services for home buyers.

Matterport develops and operates cloud based platform

Zillow is an online real estate marketplace for finding and sharing information about homes, real estate, and mortgages.

A stock brokerage application that democratizes access to the financial markets.

Houzz is an online platform for home remodeling, architecture, interior design, decorating, landscaping, and home improvement.

Trulia is a home and neighbourhood site for buyers and renters to find homes and neighbourhoods across the United States.

Zumper is a rental platform that streamlines the process of renting an apartment.

Lendsnap operates an online platform to find and share mortgage documents.

We unite landlords and tenants in one closed-loop rental platform.

Roofstock is an online marketplace that invests in leased single-family rental homes in a transparent, low-friction method.

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Coming in person to Silicon Valley provided insights which would have been impossible to get anywhere else. It gives you a better, more tangible feel. We can take a lot of these key learnings, these real details and real life situations and try to synthesize that into something that would work for us.
Thai Van Linh
Head of Smart City Initiative

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