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Learn New Technologies & Strategies on Navigating the Downturn and Emerge as a Winner

Unique immersion program designed for leaders in finance delivering connections and knowledge through 10 online sessions on the most critical topics:

Digital-First Banking

Learn best practices and new technologies that help companies stay efficient without physical presence.

Data-Driven Decisions

Make decisions faster, smarter and with more confidence even in turbulent times with the aid of Big Data and advanced analytics.

Intelligent Process Automation

Cut back-office costs with automation and streamlining and let your people focus on what matters most.

Mastering Online Channels

Increase your revenue, visibility and customers with the best marketing tools and new channels mastered by the Silicon Valley ecosystem.

Building Digital Products

Introduce new products, serve more customers, and automate on-boarding with customer-centric solutions powered by AI, ML and other emerging technologies.

Winning New Generations

Offer the experience and products that appeal to generations who are digital natives and who are expecting different types of service.

Introducing Our Speakers & Experts

Get direct access to the executives who will help your businesses stay ahead of the competition:

Menlo Ventures
Managing Director,
Silicon Valley Bank
Vice President
Head of Marketing Strategy
500 Startups
General Manager
Startup Manager
Head of Data Science
Vice President
Envestnet | Yodlee
Head Digital Transformation
ex-Vice President 
Western Union

Program Agenda

Discover the most transformative technologies that will help you lead your organization through turbulent times:

Session 1

Silicon Valley Framework To Always Be Ready For The Future Of Business

Technology innovation landscape changes at breakneck speed. Gain clarity on how to set the right priorities and never miss opportunities presented by disruptive innovations. Get the strategic framework to help your company grow, digitally transform to stay ahead of the curve of future disruptions. Discover how Silicon Valley is uniquely positioned to help.

Sessions led by:

Session 2

What is the fintech revolution and why you cannot afford to miss it

Find out why every company will soon derive a significant portion of its revenue from financial services. Learn how to take advantage of the infrastructure that’s enabling this transformation. Understand how every business, even those that have nothing to do with financial services, will have the opportunity to benefit from FinTech for the first time.

Sessions led by:

Session 3

FinTech vs TechFin: Where Is The Future Headed? ​

With IBM entering the payment industry through WorldWire, Facebook testing out WhatsApp payments, Alipay expanding to Europe, the new wave of technology is unprecedentedly altering the conventional definition of banks and banking. How can financial institutions and non-financial companies can take advantage of the FinTech 3.0 wave of innovations

Sessions led by:

Session 4

Case study: Diversifying into Financial Services

Find out what it means to make the leap into financial services. In this session program participants meet a non-financial services company that is now offering financial services to customers, having taken advantage of the new financial technology available. Hear first-hand insights from the journey.

Sessions led by:

Session 5

New Business Models For Finance and Beyond

Learn how novel business models can turn existing costs into new revenue streams. Deep dive into platformification and explore how digitally native companies were able to grow business exponentially by opening and sharing data with 3rd parties, leveraging network effects and more. Presented by experts from the leading platform and online marketplace companies, this session will cover key factors necessary for the success of digital platforms in different industries and how they can be applied in your company.

Sessions led by:

Session 6

New Data and Artificial Intelligence I For New Financial Services ​

Explore the new world of big data and AI and see the software tools available to help make sense of the vast array of information now available. Hear from one of the FinTech startups how your company can easily access this data through the “as a service” framework, and then use it to build financial services like loans and credit cards into your product offering.

Sessions led by:

Session 7

The Cryptocurrency Revolution ​

Digital currencies have provided an exciting new realm for trading and investment. As companies look on and wonder what this means for their business, we ask: what are the trends that will define the future of this alternative asset class? This session will answer that question as it connects participants to one of the innovative companies building platforms for buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

Sessions led by:

Session 8

Creating Amazing Customer Experiences To Withstand The Competition: Lessons From The Trenches ​

See how digital transformation works in practice and understand the centrality of data to the process. Learn how big data translates into the personalized solutions that make a direct connection to customers and improve the customer experience in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Discover how a company can build an innovative culture and bring digital services to new segments of customers.

Sessions led by:

Session 9

How To Innovate In Highly Regulated Industry ​

Discover proven strategies and frameworks to stay innovative in a highly regulated industry. Learn how regulations can spur innovation as companies get creative about ways to do business while remaining in compliance when the regulatory environment changes.

Sessions led by:

Session 10

Next Frontiers Of Innovation In Financial Services: What Will Change in 3-5-10 years?

See how emerging technologies will impact the future of finance. From end-to-end automation enabled by cloud, robotics process automation and cognitive tools to new technology players to radically open banking. Discover what the financial services industry could look like 3, 5, 10 years from now and how each company can benefit from these innovations.

Sessions led by:

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What Is Included


All sessions are held 8 am - 11 am (PST)
The most convenient and impactful way to learn:

Certifiacate Of Completion

Get a verifiable knowledge and strengthen your resume.

What Companies Will I Meet?

Get your answers and action plan from most impactful companies in Silicon Valley:

Personal identity protection and management service

Universal open banking platform in a digital global financial services ecosystem.

Business process automation, data visualization, and collaboration in real-time 

Provides consumers with personalized, unbiased advice so they can make smart money moves.

An online lending platform that connects people who want to borrow money with individuals and institutions.

Offers student loan refinancing and personal loan.

Changing the mortgage industry from the ground up by offering homebuyers a straightforward path to home ownership and refinancing.

Create an identity-based relationship with anonymous prepaid users, opening up access to otherwise unattainable mobile financial services.

Build technology, credit products and educational experiences for the 56% of the US population who are shut out of mainstream banking because of poor credit or volatile incomes.

Leverages deep data analytics to accelerate cash flow and clear invoices for small businesses

Fastest growing consumer financial wellness company with exclusive focus on helping consumers manage their credit and loans better

A stock brokerage application that democratizes access to the financial markets.

Offers a modern, mobile and connected approach to banking that gives members complete control of their finances

Offers installment loans to consumers at the point of sale. Its aim is to improve the banking industry to be more accountable and accessible to consumers

Powers human intuition with machine intelligence, enabling organizations to make decisions that matter.

Lending Club is an online financial community that brings together creditworthy borrowers and savvy investors.

Jumio's Netverify® Trusted Identity as a Service provides ID, Identity, and Document Verification

Hyperwallet provides growing organizations with a frictionless, transparent, and reliable way to send payments almost anywhere in the world.

Digital transformation is driving goal-based investing across the financial services industry through data insights, cognitive computing, and social media analysis

Institutions can boost risk management, data-backed decisions, security, and customer experiences with NVIDIA's AI, deep learning, machine learning.

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What Our Past Clients Had To Say

“Right now we’re going digital. Blockchain, cloud, AI, these will be key success factors for our company. It was very helpful to get to know venture capitalists who are investing in these technologies, entrepreneurs who are building these technologies, and big companies already applying these technologies. I’m very happy with Silicon Valley Innovation Center, I’ll definitely keep in touch.”
Juan Clariond
Executive Chairman, Dimex Capital
The program made by SVIC was a great experience. We read about Silicon Valley, we hear about innovation challenge, speed, disruption, and when you come here and see the real ideas, the real innovation, and real people, it validates everything. You leave with a sense of being a part of something to go forward and make changes in your company with confidence.
Justin Ferrabee
COO at Payments Canada, Canada
We came from Europe to learn about what is happening in Silicon Valley. I enjoyed it a lot: getting insights on startups and how that works and also looking a little bit beyond the horizon of what is going next. As a company, we value a lot of what we do today, and we know pretty well what we do tomorrow. But getting insights and getting an open mind of what is after tomorrow is the biggest value of this trip.
Terry Verkuijlen
Executive Vice President, Vanderlande, Netherlands

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