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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Jul 13 - 23, 2020
  • Time: 11:00 am - 2:00 pm




Jul 13 - 23, 2020


8:00 am - 11:00 am





Future of Finance: Digital Solutions For Recession-Proof Banking

About the Program

Unique immersion program designed for leaders in finance delivering connections and knowledge through 10 online sessions on most critical topics:

  • Digital-First Banking
  • Data-Driven Decisions
  • Intelligent Process Automation
  • Mastering Online Channels
  • Building Digital Products
  • Winning New Generations

Program Agenda

(This is a sample program. Participating presenters and companies vary from program to program and cannot be guaranteed for any particular tour.)

Session 1: Using economic downturn as opportunity

A strategic session focused on organizational opportunities that arise in the time of distress. Learn how you can use Silicon Valley resources, impactful technologies and digital ecosystems to orchestrate a business recovery and reignite growth.

Session 2: Fast and efficient strategies to automate operational expenses

Meet with the leadership of the company that allows cutting expenses on non-crucial tasks by quickly deploying automated systems throughout your organization. See what opportunities those technologies bring and how you can redefine the internal workload.

Session 3: Compliant and paperless organization

Get rid of unnecessary paperwork and associated expenses by adapting technologies that make document processing streamlined, regulation-compliant, automated and done in the fraction of time.

Session 4: Creating omni-channel customer experience

Meet with established tech giant who redefines the way companies work to reach and engage customers throughout a multitude of channels. Find out about services that you can employ right now to bring new business to your organization.​

Session 5: Working with digital-only customer

Discover technologies and solutions that allow financial firms to confidently interact with digital customers while decreasing fraud chance and automating the AML monitoring. See how with their help you can keep customer flow steady despite any limitations.

Session 6: New reporting ecosystem for faster and better decisions

Meet with the management of the startups that allow businesses to quickly quantify their operations and apply advanced analytics to give management real-time insights. See how your business can be quickly transformed by identifying opportunities and challenges.

Session 7: Evaluating and onboarding new technologies

Meet with executives of the companies who specialize in fast, secure and effective methods of on-boarding and testing the whole spectrum of technologies. See how legacy organizations can onboard new processes and technologies without disrupting their current operations.

Session 8: Aggregating customer financial data for perfect-fit products

Traditionally banks have only a fragmented view of their customers limiting opportunities. Discover ways you can aggregate the debit and credit information about your customers in one place and offer tailored products for their most pressing needs.


Meet with the companies that championing the security, resilience, and collaboration for the remote workforce. Discover new ways to run your business effectively and smoothly in any condition and environment.

Session 10: Creating surge proof infrastructure ​

Discover the best practices of handling the peak compute and extreme loads through the use of external partners. Drastically cut support costs and increase resiliency while maintaining constant updates, availability, and capability.

What’s Included:

  • Live Sessions with Direct Q&A through a virtual platform
  • On-Demand Access to all materials for 12 months
  • Access to private SVIC Facebook group designed for business executives.


  • Week 1: Friday ( Sessions 1 & 2)
  • Week 2: Tuesday(Session 3 & 4), Friday ( Sessions 5 & 6 )
  • Week 3: Tuesday(Session 7 & 8), Friday ( Sessions 9 & 10 )

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