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Tetra Pak Innovation Training


Silicon Valley Innovation Tour


March 11th, 2019


C-level Executives of Tetra Pak, China


Silicon Valley, CA, USA


What Customers Asked​

TetraPak’s executive team wanted not just to understand the latest technologies, but to experience them first hand. What’s more, as a large, multinational corporation, TetraPak was interested in learning from the experience of other enterprises that had taken the digital transformation journey.

What We Did

SVIC built TetraPak an immersion program comprised of high-level meetings with top Silicon Valley companies, and which also included a hands-on Tesla test drive. Tailored to the needs of the TetraPak executives, the program provided them with insights into how emerging technologies are changing the nature of their business.

Results & Outcomes

The TetraPak executives learned a huge amount about how new business models and new technologies are coming together to fundamentally change the way companies operate. In meetings with Google and Dell – among others – the group saw how an organization can take advantage of advances in areas like cloud computing and AI. A Tesla test drive completed the Silicon Valley experience.

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