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Innovacient Incentive Program


Silicon Valley Incentive Trip


February 15th, 2019


Executives of Innovacient, UAE


Silicon Valley, CA, USA


What Customers Asked​

What is digital innovation and how does it manifest itself today in our economy? What is the role of big data, and new business models? These were some of the key questions that Innovacient sought answers to when they came to SVIC. The team already had a sense of the answers in theory, but they wanted to see them in practice, and meet the companies that have grown exponentially through applying those answers to the real world.

What We Did

SVIC organized a two-day immersion program for Innovacient. In that short space of time, the group met a highly targeted set of companies and thought leaders. In those sessions, the program participants learned how real-time data is informing business decision-making, how platform business models are reshaping industries, and how digital transformation is as much as management as it is about technology.

Results & Outcomes

The Innovacient group left with a significant number of new ideas and impressions, all of which demanded reflection as they returned home. Inspired by what they had heard in Silicon Valley – at meetings with companies like Facebook and Airbnb – they were determined to apply their learnings to their own companies. That knowledge will surely serve them well as they plot their course through the fast-changing digital landscape.

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